10 Summer crafts for tweens to do when bored

Summer break is here which can mean you have a bored tween at home. Don’t worry, we have got 10 boredom buster summer crafts for tweens to keep themselves occupied during the holidays. We have tissue paper crafts, popsicle stick crafts, flower crafts, wall-decor crafts, bottle-decor crafts and many other amazing ideas for tweens and teens to do this summer. We also have these 50+ summer craft ideas for kids of all ages and 35 easy paper plate crafts to add to your summer bucket list.

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Summer crafts for tweens

Popsicle stick house

summer crafts for tweens-popsicle stick house

Making this popsicle stick house is a fantastic boredom buster for tweens, teens and even adults! This is also something parents and kids can do together. You can draw a plan of the house beforehand which will help you calculate the number of walls and windows needed. Decide the height and width and stack the popsicle sticks accordingly. This is a fun project to develop the engineering and math skills of your kids. Click here for the step by step instructions.

Popsicle stick trike

popsicle trike-summer crafts for tweens

Recycle those old cardboards and plastic bottles and turn them into a beautiful popsicle trike. Watch the below video for step by step instructions. This is an adorable craft idea for summer or even spring and your tweens are gonna love it.

Paper lavender

summer crafts for tweens-paper lavender

If your tween is in a mood to do some paper crafting, these paper lavenders are the best. Aren’t they so pretty? This is something you can try with younger kids too. Check out the step by step instructions here.

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DIY branch and tissue paper flowers

summer crafts for tweens-diy branch decor

This DIY branch and flower decor is a beautiful room decor idea for spring and summer. Check out the instructions here.

Paper pen holder

diy pen holder

Try your hand at 3D Origami by making this adorable paper pen stand. This is an amazing boredom buster for tweens and teens and you will get a very sturdy and colourful paper pen stand to place on your desks! This is also a perfect back to school paper craft. Watch the below video for step by step instructions.

Origami organizer

origami organiser

This mini organizer is another fun idea for your tweens to learn some origami skills. Watch the below video for step by step instructions. Draw some funny faces on the drawers to make it even cuter! They can also label the drawers as they wish! This is yet another back to school craft idea for kids.

DIY Bracelet with rubber bands and beads

diy bracelet-summer crafts for tweens

Just learn the trick to make this bracelet and try it with your favourite beads. Such a perfect boredom buster craft idea for this summer. Check out the instructions here!

Wall decor with artificial petals

dancing girl-summer crafts for tweens

Got some artificial petals at home? Then try this wall decor craft idea. If you don’t have the petals handy, you can also re-use some artificial flowers from old flower vases. Either way, you are gonna love it. Watch the below video to see how to make it.

Paper flower wall decor

wall decor flowers-summer crafts for tweens

Make some lovely paper flowers and stick them on a canvas to use as a wall decor. This is one of the best summer crafts for tweens and even younger kids. This is also a perfect craft idea for spring. Check out the below video for instructions.

Bottle decor with rice

recycled bottle decor with rice-summer crafts for tweens

Looking for a creative way to recycle some old bottles? Then try this bottle decor craft with rice. This home decor idea is one of the easiest summer crafts for tweens and teens. Instructions are here!

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10 Summer crafts for tweens to do when bored

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