4th of July easy crafts for kids- Paper Plate Wreath


Get crafty this independence day making a beautiful paper plate wreath. If you have been looking for some 4th of July easy crafts for kids, you have come to the right place! It just takes a few minutes to make this pretty paper wreath.


4th of july easy crafts


Supplies you need for this Paper Plate Wreath- 4th of July easy crafts

1. Paper plate

2. Red,Blue and white paper (preferably, cardstock paper)

3. Glitter paper/aluminium foil.

4. Glue stick

5. Paper cutter

6. Scissors

7. Ribbon

8. Stapler


Steps to make this Paper Plate Wreath

Watch the video tutorial at the top or follow the below step by step instructions!

Step 1

Draw a star using ruler and pencil on the red (or blue or white!) cardstock paper.

Please watch the video if you would like to see how to draw a star.

4th of july paper easy crafts for kids- draw a star

Step 2

Now, cut the star shape out of it using scissors.

4th of july easy crafts-cut the star shape out of the paper

Cut it along the outer lines.

Step 3

Make a lot of stars in different sizes using red,blue and white cardstock paper. Make a few stars using the glitter paper too. You can also use aluminium foil to make some stars if you like!

4th of july easy crafts-make a lot of stars with blue, white and red

Step 4

Now, get a paper plate. We are going to stick the stars on the paper plate rim. Using a paper cutter, cut and remove the inner circle of the paper plate and get the rim. (I would recommend adults to do this step for younger kids).

4th of july easy crafts-cut the paper plate

Step 5

We will use a ribbon to hang the wreath. Staple both the ends of a piece of ribbon at the back of the paper plate rim. Now, apply glue on the blue, red and white stars and start sticking each of them on the paper plate rim.

4th of july easy crafts-staple a ribbon

Arrange the stars slightly overlapping each other and cover the rim as much as possible. Lastly, stick the glitter paper stars.

4th of july easy crafts-stick the stars on the paper plate rim

Now, time to hang the wreath on the wall!

4th of july easy crafts


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