9 easy and beautiful Grandparents day crafts

Here are 9 easy Grandparents day crafts kids can make for grandma and grandpa to gift them on their special day. These are perfect craft ideas for parents to do with kids at home or as a school project for Grandparents’ day celebrations.

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These crafts are also great if you are running short of time and want to make something super cute with supplies you already have at home.

9 Easy Grandparents day crafts and activities

Below, we have some awesome printable activities kids can do. Grandparents will have a good laugh reading the grandkids’ answers on the questionnaire printable. If you have a bit more time, make a DIY spiral book for Grandma which is full of pictures and facts about grandkids! ‘I think you are Grape’ printable is another easy craft for toddlers, preschoolers, and kindergarteners. Click on the link for instructions to make each of them.

Grandparents day printable activities
  1. Printable DIY spiral book for Grandma from Printable Crush
  2. I think you are GRAPE printable from Crafts4toddlers
  3. Free Questionnaire printable for Grandpa and Dad from Printable Crush

What about some flower crafts to express your love for Grandparents? Make a bunch of paper lavenders or paint a beautiful flower bouquet craft to bring a smile on their faces. Kids can also make a cute flowerpot craft with a little fingerprint and a secret message written especially for Grandma and Grandpa.

Flower crafts-thoughtful gifts for Grandma

  1. Paper Flower bouquet craft from Fireflies and Mudpies
  2. Paper lavender from Crafts By Ria
  3. Fingerprint Button Flower card from Crafts By Ria

Kids will have fun making this ‘blowing a kiss’ card using handprints. Handprints are cute keepsakes that Grandparents will love. Kids can also gift a paper plate medal and make them feel proud! Roll several paper strips to make a paper photo frame and insert a cute pic of kids with their Grandparents which is another great idea for Grandparents’ day!

grandparents day crafts
  1. Paper flower photo frame from Crafts By Ria
  2. Paper plate medal from Red Ted Art
  3. Blowing a kiss handprint card from Red Ted Art
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We hope you love this collection of easy Grandparents day crafts.

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9 easy and beautiful Grandparents day crafts

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