Hi there,

I am Ria Cheripuram, the person behind the scenes of Crafts By Ria.

I live in Melbourne. I used to do craft activities at home and my brother who visited me last year inspired me to start taking videos of my craft activities and spread it to the world. I am so glad, I did! I started a YouTube Channel to put together all my videos! Feel free to check it out here: YouTube.com/CraftsByRia

And then I started this little blog which is my dream come true. I was a Software Engineer by profession before i turned to Blogging, or you can say Vlogging!

I find time to take my videos when my 2-year old is asleep or when my husband takes care of her. Otherwise, you know, there will be a little hand trying to snatch the things throughout my videos! ūüôā Without my husband’s support, this blog wouldn’t have been a reality!

So, what will you find on my blog?

  1. Crafts for Kids
  2. Home-Decor Crafts
  3. Paper Crafts
  4. Craft Accessories
  5. Seasonal Crafts

and many more!

Contact Me

Shoot me an email if you like to collaborate with me. If we’re a fit, I will be excited to work with you!

To get in touch with me, drop me an email at info@craftsbyria.com or send a message on my Facebook page.

Photo use policy

All images on www.craftsbyria.com are copyrighted. If you want to feature any of my posts, you may use one photo in its original form with a link back to my site. If unsure, please get in touch with me before you use any of my site’s content.






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