Accordion paper firework craft

Learn how to make an accordion paper firework craft. Fireworks are always a nostalgic childhood memory for many, including me. If you are looking for a new year’s eve craft, bonfire night craft, Diwali craft, or 4th of July craft, this paper firework craft is an easy idea to do with preschoolers, kindergarteners, or elementary school kids. These accordion fireworks seem to burst off the page which will get the kids thrilled!

Customise the colors to match any occasion while also learning to do the basic accordion folds. This 3D firework craft is a great idea to get the little ones excited about the occasion without exposing them to the loud noise or other possible dangers associated with fireworks.

This is a perfect new year activity to do as a classroom project and a colorful display of these paper fireworks will be a treat to the eyes. We also have a collection of 20 new year’s eve crafts for kids which you may want to check out.

Supplies needed to make an accordion paper firework craft

  • Cardstock (Black or any other color you like)
  • Glitter paper for the fireworks (or construction paper)
  • Acrylic markers
  • Yellow and white square or rectangle paper cuts
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Pegs (optional)

Step-by-step easy tutorial-How to make an Accordion paper firework craft

Step 1

Cut three 6×6 square pieces out of a glitter paper or construction paper. Start folding each of them in an accordion manner.

Fold the paper accordion in half and get a ‘V’ shape.

Do the same with each of the square papers.

Step 2

Apply glue with a glue stick at the inner sides of the ‘V’ shaped accordions and stick the sides together firmly. Stick these 3 pieces together to form a circle which will be our firework. If you are using glitter paper, you may find it hard to stick them to each other depending on the type of paper you use. In this case, you can use a few pegs to hold them in place until the glue dries.

Make several accordion circles or fireworks in the same way. Use slghtly larger pieces of square shapes to form a bigger circle and smaller square shapes for a smaller circle.

Step 3

Cut small rectangular pieces out of cardstock. Roll them and stick the ends together to make tiny paper rolls. Stick them on a black cardstock. Stick the accordion paper fireworks on the top of these paper rolls to get a 3-D look.

Step 4

Let’s make a city skyline now. Cut out rectangular shapes from dark grey construction paper to make the buildings. Stick them below the fireworks. Add the details like windows & doors to the buildings using tiny cuts of yellow and white paper.

Now, draw a small line just below each firework using markers of the same color. We used our acrylic markers which we love to use in artworks and craft projects.

The beautiful accordion paper firework craft is ready. We made two of these firworks crafts, one with black construction paper and the other with dark blue. We used glitter paper for one of them and normal construction paper for the other to make the fireworks. This is such a fun and colorful new year’s eve craft activity for kids.

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Accordion paper firework craft

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