All about me printable book with free templates

This All about me printable book is something which I used to make with friends when I was in school. We used to make them in the classrooms and used them as little diaries to write all our precious secrets. Ahh! How I miss those days!

Now that it is back to school time, I thought of sharing this wonderful All about me book craft with my readers. What I love about this craft is, it is extremely easy for the kids to make and they can even make it with just 1 sheet of paper. The more the number of papers, the more pages you will get. It is one of easiest all about me ideas which kids will love. 

This mini all about me printable book has got 8 leaves. I wanted a rainbow theme for my book and so, I used 4 different coloured A4 papers to make one book. If you don’t want multicoloured pages, you need only 2 A4 papers to get a book of 8 leaves. 

All about me mini book-fb

Supplies you need to make All about me printable book

1. 2 A4 papers of your favourite color (You will get an 8 leaf book)

2. Scissors

3. All about me printables (You can get these printables by subscribing to our weekly newsletter below. Download them and print on 2 white A4 papers.)

4. Glue

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Steps to make a DIY all about me book 

This simple all about me theme printable book is perfect for preschool, kindergarten, and elementary school kids. For younger kids who are yet to start writing, you can ask them questions and write the answers for them. Sometimes the answers could be silly, which is fun. Let’s learn how to make it!

Step 1

For this mini book, I chose 4 papers in yellow, orange, blue and pink colors. (If you don’t want a multi-coloured book, you need only 2 A4 papers.)

mini book craft-step1

Step 2

Stack all the papers together and fold them in half. Cut them along the crease. You will get two sets of papers each consisting of 4 sheets. We need only 4 sheets to make an 8 leaf book which means we can discard one set.

how to make this book-step2

Step 3

Take the other set of paper and fold them again in half holding them together. 

all about me mini book craft-step3

Step 4

Make cuts along the folded side (approx. 2 cms apart) all the way down.

all about me mini book craft-step4

all about me mini book craft-step5

Step 5

Now, make tiny folds one after the other to the alternate sides as shown below.

all about me mini book craft-step6

all about me mini book craft-step7

That’s it.  Open it and see the mini book you just made!  The pages will stay in place unless you pull them apart forcefully. If you want, you can glue the tiny flaps onto the outer cover to make it more sturdy. But it is totally your choice. For younger kids, it is better to stick these flaps.

Step 6

Lastly, download and print the all-about-me printables from our printables collection. You can do this by subscribing to our newsletters. We have a black n white as well as colored version of these printables. You can choose whichever one you like. 

After printing, cut them out and stick them one by one on each sheet of the book we just made. There are 8 of them and you can start by sticking the “All about me” template on the outer cover of the book. The rest of them are 7 simple questions including a section for a little fingerprint that will help them learn more about themselves.

all about me-step8

all about me mini book craft-step9

Now, start writing the answers on the all about me printable book and have fun.

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All about me printable book with free templates

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