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It’s school time again! In today’s post, I am going to share 4 fun and colourful back to school paper crafts for kids of different ages! I know, for some of you, the holidays might have just started. The good news is, these are perfect craft ideas for the holidays too! 


back to school paper crafts for kids


DIY Corner Bookmarks- Cat and mouse Faces

I always love corner bookmarks with all the funny and cute faces. These cat and mouse paper bookmarks are a fun way to prepare the kids for back to school!

cat and mouse diy corner bookmarks

Checkout my post on the cat and Mouse DIY corner Bookmarks here. If you don’t want to go through the step by step instructions, watch the video instructions below!



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Miniature Notebooks with kawaii faces – Fun Craft Idea for kids

The list of Back to school paper crafts will not be complete without a DIY notebook. I made these miniature notebooks a few months ago which is available on my YouTube channel. In case you missed it, I am going to share it with you again. What is special with this cute notebook is, the pages can be made from just one sheet of A4 paper! Sounds cute, right?

diy mini notebooks

It involves a bit of a folding and gluing. I feel it will be easier for you to watch the video to understand the steps better. I am sure, the kids are gonna make a lot of them as it is so much fun and easy to make!

Watch the steps below!

Paper Pen Holder

While the above two paper crafts are ideal for younger kids, this paper pen stand is something the tweens and teens can try. This is a perfect craft to teach them some 3D Origami and improve their concentration! This one involves some intricate folds and this is something even the adults can do to keep themselves engaged!

diy pen holder

I used 6 A4 sheets to make this paper pen stand. Add 2 more sheets if you would like to make it one level taller. I promise, this one is not as complicated as it looks! It just takes some time to make it and you will get a very sturdy and colourful paper pen stand to place on your desks!

For this paper pen holder, It is easier to explain the steps in a video. Watch the video below!


Origami Organiser

This one is another 3D Origami craft the teens can make. This one may take some time to complete, but it is worth it! I used 4 yellow papers (19 x 19 cm each) and 4 green papers (20 x 20 cm each) to make this miniature organiser. Draw some funny faces on the drawers to make it even cuter! Kids can also label the drawers as they wish!

origami organiser

Again, this is something which can be better explained by a video. Watch the video below to learn how to make an origami organiser!


I hope you loved all the 4 Back to school paper crafts. Now, get ready, grab some paper and start the fun!

back to school paper crafts for kids-origami organiser-fb

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4 Fun Back to School Paper Crafts | Crafts By Ria

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