Elegant and Beautiful Bottle Decor DIY idea with Rice!


Bottle Decoration is my new craze and I want to share an innovative yet extremely easy bottle decor DIY idea with you! I wanted to try this out for a long time and managed to do it last week when I got some time in the afternoon. I bought a silver metallic acrylic paint from the nearby craft store to paint the bottle and my experiment came out really pretty!

Alright! Let’s see how I made this beautiful bottle decor!

bottle decor diy with rice


Supplies you need for this Bottle Decor DIY

1. A glass bottle which is clean and dry. (I used an old wine bottle.)

2. PVA Glue

3. Rice

4. Acrylic paint (I used metallic silver colour)

5. Acrylic sealant (This is a transparent liquid that helps in sealing the paint and gives a glossy effect. You will get it in most craft stores.)

6. Paint brush and sponge

7. Lace

8. Hot Glue 


Bottle Decor DIY with rice- Steps

Watch the video tutorial at the top or follow the below steps!

Step 1

Get a clean glass bottle and apply PVA Glue with a paint brush as shown below. Apply it only in the bottom half.

diy wine bottle decor-apply pva glue

Step 2

Get some rice in a plate and dip and roll the glued part of the bottle in it. Also, sprinkle the rice with your hands.

diy wine bottle decor -stick some rice

Cover the glued part completely with rice. Let it dry.

(Tip: Once it is semi-dry, you can use a hair-drier to make the drying process faster.)

cover the glued part with rice

Step 3

Once it is completely dried, you can start painting the bottle with a metallic acrylic paint. It is easier to use a spray paint if you have it.

diy wine bottle decor- apply the metallic acrylic paint


I found it easier to use a sponge while painting the bottom part where the rice was there.

apply the metallic acrylic paint with a sponge on the rice

Step 4

Once the paint is dry, apply a second coat. Again, you can use a hair-drier to make the drying process faster.

Step 5

Once the paint is completely dried, you can spray the acrylic sealant to protect the paint and add a glossy effect.

apply acrylic sealant

Step 6

Attach a lace using hot glue gun. You can also add any other decorative items like flowers or stones if you prefer.

diy wine bottle decor- attach a lace

That’s it! You have made an elegant bottle decor.

You can use it as a home-decor, wedding table centrepiece or as a simple flower-vase in your room!

bottle decor diy with rice- crafts by ria


Did you like this bottle-decor idea? Share your thoughts with me in the comments. 🙂

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