DIY Branch Decor- An Elegant DIY Flower Mobile craft idea


This week’s post is about making an elegant DIY Branch decor that will add a cozy natural feeling to your house. This is a beautiful summer or spring room decor idea that can brighten up your interior space and make it more stylish. You can customise it by adding more branches or colours as you wish to match your taste! Let’s see how I made this pretty DIY branch and flowers!

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diy branch and flowers wall hanging-fb

Supplies you need for this DIY Branch Decor

1. Thin metal wire

2. Wire cutter

3. Hot Glue or super glue

4. Craft glue

5. Scissors

6. Tissue paper

7. A toothpick

8. Green felt paper

9. Transparent nylon thread

10. Brown Twisted paper rope or jute twine

Steps to make a DIY Branch Decor with flowers

Making this DIY branch decor is very easy and will not take a lot of your time! Watch the video tutorial at the top or follow the below steps!

Step 1

Using a wire cutter, cut a piece of thin metal wire at least 80 cm long. Bend it in half. This is going to be our main branch.

Now, let’s bend one tip of it to form a single wire sub-branch. You don’t have to go for perfection here. You can even make little bends on this sub-branch if you wish to.

diy branch decor- cut a small piece of metal wire

Step 2

I wanted to make one more sub-branch. So I cut another small piece of metal wire and connected it to the main branch by bending and twisting it several times on the main branch. You can add as many sub-branches as you wish. 

diy branch decor- add more metal wire to make extra branches

Step 3

Now, we will cover up the metal wire using a brown twisted paper rope. I got this twisted paper rope from a nearby craft store. (I didn’t know what i would use it for until this DIY branch idea came up to my mind!)

If you don’t have a twisted paper rope handy, you can go for jute twine instead. 

Wrap it around the metal wire until the wire is completely covered. Use hot glue or super glue to keep it in place. 

diy branch decor- cover the metal wire with a twisted paper rope

Make sure every branch and sub-branch is completely covered.

diy branch decor- cover it completely

Step 5

Okay! So we got the branch ready! Let’s make some tissue paper flowers to stick on the branch. 

Cut 4 small square pieces out of a tissue paper as shown below. (All of the same size.)

diy branch decor- cut 4 small square pieces out of a tissue paper

Step 6

Cut these square pieces into flower shapes as shown below. I recommend you to watch the video at the top to get a better idea on how to cut the square pieces into flower shapes.

diy branch decor- make 4 flower shapes

Step 7

Lay the flower shapes on top of each other and stick them to each other using craft glue. You can use a toothpick to make this step easier. Dip one tip of the toothpick in glue and use this tip to pick the flower shapes easily.

diy branch decor- lay them on top of each other using glue

Step 8

Get another small piece of tissue paper(preferably, of a different colour), crumple it and make a tiny ball out of it. Now, stick it to the centre of the flower we got from the previous step.

diy branch decor- make a small ball out the tissue paper and glue it at the centre of the flower

Step 9

Make a lot of these tissue paper flowers. Now, we will stick these flowers on the branch using craft glue.

(If you used jute twine for the branch, you may have to use hot glue or super glue to stick the flowers).

diy branch decor- stick the flowers on the branch

Step 10

Next, get some transparent nylon thread and cut a few pieces of different lengths out of it. We will tie these pieces on the branch. I tied 4 pieces of transparent thread on mine.

Stick a few flowers on these threads. I love how these transparent threads help to give the effect of a flower falling off the branch. You may want to cut the extra length of threads hanging below the flowers.

diy branch decor- stick the flowers on the transparent thread

Step 11

Time to add some leaves now! Cut a few leaf shapes out of a green felt paper. Stick them on the branch and the transparent threads using hot glue.

diy branch decor- stick the felt paper leaf

Yes! We just made a beautiful DIY Branch Decor 🙂

You can tie a piece of transparent thread on both the ends of the branch to hang it on the wall.

Decorate your balcony or the living room or any other area with this beautiful hand-made craft!

diy branch decor wall hanging mobile

Get ready and make your own beautiful DIY Branch home decor today! Join my Facebook Group and share the pictures with me! I would love to see your beautiful creations!

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