Not-so-scary DIY Halloween wreath with burlap flowers and spiders


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I bought this burlap ribbon from a nearby craft store called Riots and had it sitting in my craft storage since a few days. Now that Halloween is coming soon, I thought of making a beautiful yet not-so-scary DIY Halloween wreath with it. This simple spider wreath is very easy to make and is a great front door decoration idea for Halloween.

diy halloween spider wreath-pin


Supplies you need to make a DIY Halloween wreath with spiders

1. Burlap ribbon

2. Scissors

3. Hot Glue

4. Wooden/ Foam wreath ring

5. Orange felt paper

6. Black Chenille sticks


Steps- How to make a DIY Halloween wreath

Watch the video at the top or follow the below steps to make a DIY Halloween wreath with burlap flowers and spiders. This is such a simple and fun Halloween home decor idea which is not so creepy or scary.

Step 1

First, get a foam or wooden wreath ring and burlap ribbon. If the ribbon is too wide, cut it into approximately 2.5 cm wide and start wrapping it around the ring. Fix it in place using some hot glue while wrapping. Make sure you wrap it really tight.

diy halloween wreath-step1-wrap the burlap

Step 2

Let’s make the flowers now. Cut the burlap ribbon into 4 strips each of 20 x 2 cm. 

diy halloween wreath-step2-cut ribbons

Step 3

Take a strip and glue the tips together to form a circular shape. Then, put some glue inside the circle and stick it to the opposite side to form an 8 – shape. Do the same for all the 4 ribbon strips.

diy halloween wreath-step3

Step 4

Glue them on top of each other as shown below. We have made the first layer of  the burlap flower.

diy halloween wreath-step4

Step 5

Let’s make one more layer for the flower which is a bit smaller than the first layer.

For this, cut the burlap ribbon into 4 strips each of 11.5 x 2 cm. Then make four 8-shapes out of those strips and glue the 8-shapes together on top of the first layer similar to the previous steps.

diy halloween wreath-step5

Step 6

I wanted to add a bit of pumpkin colour to my wreath. So I glued a small piece of orange felt paper at the centre of the burlap flower. You can get even more creative by cutting a small pumpkin-shaped piece out of the felt rather than going for the round one.

diy halloween wreath-step6-add a felt paper at the centre of the flower

Step 7

I made one more flower of the same size and another flower which is a bit bigger in size. Then I glued them on the wreath ring as shown below.

(For the bigger flower, I used longer strips which measures approximately 23 x 2 cm for the outer layer and 14.5 x 2 cm for the inner layer). 

diy halloween wreath-step7-glue the flowers on the wreath ring

Step 8

Time to make the spiders! Get 4 black chenille sticks and twist them together at the centre. 

diy halloween wreath-step8-make the spiders by twisting the chenille sticks at the centre

Step 9

Bend the tips of the sticks on each side to form a V-shape as shown below. Then get a small piece of chenille stick and twist it around the centre to form the spider’s body.

diy halloween wreath-step9-bend the sticks to form a v shape


diy halloween wreath-step10-make the spider body

Make as many spiders as you like and glue them on to your burlap wreath. I wanted to keep it simple and not very scary or spooky. So I opted for just 2 spiders.

diy halloween wreath-fb

Our DIY Halloween wreath with burlap flowers and spiders is ready! Wasn’t it super easy?!


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