Glue Gun waterfall- Very Easy Step by Step Tutorial


Here comes another tutorial on making a Hot Glue Gun waterfall. Making this craft is so much fun and can be addictive sometimes! Just like many of our other home-decor crafts, this one is very easy to make.

This beautiful miniature waterfall can be used as a room-decor or to decorate a fairy garden. This fake waterfall also makes a fun school project for older kids. You can use any platform such as a wooden board, glass, porcelain plate etc. to build your waterfall and it just takes less than half an hour to complete this project!

hot glue gun waterfall

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Supplies you need for this DIY Hot Glue Gun Waterfall

1. Hot Glue. (I used at least 8 to 9 glue sticks for this project)

2. Scissors

3. Transparent plastic sheets (I just recycled the plastic bag which came with my craft supplies.)

4. Blue and white paint

5. Artificial Moss rocks

6. Rocks

7. Artificial leaves

8. A plate

Steps to make a Hot Glue Gun Waterfall

Watch the video tutorial at the top or follow the below steps. I promise it is gonna be easier than you think! 🙂

Step 1

Get a clean, dry porcelain plate and a transparent plastic sheet. 

Fold the plastic sheet to a size that fits inside the plate. Now, apply some hot glue in the plate in a circular shape and stick the folded plastic sheet over it.

glue gun waterfall-step1-stick the plastic sheet on the plate

Cut the edges of the sheet to make it neater and to give the remaining part a nice round shape. 

glue gun waterfall-step1-cut the edges of the plastic sheet

Step 2

Stick some rocks and mossy rocks around the plate using hot glue.

glue gun waterfall-step2
glue gun waterfall-step2-stick some rocks

Step 3

Stack up a few rocks and stick them to each other using hot glue as shown below. Now stick it on the plate. We will build our waterfall on this.

glue gun waterfall-step3- tack the rocks

Step 4

Get another small piece of the transparent plastic sheet as shown below. Stick one end of it on top of the rocks which we stacked up and the other end over the plastic sheet inside the plate. We have made the structure of the waterfall.

glue gun waterfall-step4- stick another piece of plastic sheet

Step 5

I wanted to get a bluish color for the water. So I painted light blue acrylic paint at the bottom of the waterfall. Also, I gave some white strokes on the top.

glue gun waterfall-step5- paint blue and white

Step 6

Now, let’s make the water using hot glue. Get the hot glue gun again and run the hot glue over the plastic sheet from the top of the rocks to the bottom. Now, squirt some glue at the bottom of the waterfall where we painted blue colour. 

glue gun waterfall-step6- apply hot glue

Step 6

Complete the structure by sticking more rocks, mossy rocks, artificial leaves and plants till you are happy with the look. You can also add some flowers if you like. 🙂

Don’t forget to add some drops of hot glue randomly over the rocks and plants to get the look of scattered water drops.

hot glue gun waterfall pinterest image

That’s it! We just made a beautiful Hot Glue Gun waterfall 🙂 Wasn’t it super easy?!!

Get ready and make your own versions of mini waterfalls!

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