Cute DIY Unicorn Christmas Card for kids with free printable

Get into the spirit of Christmas with an adorable DIY Unicorn Christmas card. This is one of the easiest Unicorn Christmas card ideas to do with kids. You will especially love it if your little one is a unicorn-lover just like mine! This DIY Unicorn card comes with a lot of cutting, coloring, and gluing. Plenty of activities to keep those little hands busy!

Spread the Christmas joy by making this card as a quick family project or as a classroom Christmas craft. If you want, you can draw your own unicorn or you can just download the free printable available for our subscribers. This DIY unicorn card is such a cute idea and kids are going to love coloring the unicorn’s hair, horn, and cozy Christmas scarf. We love rainbows and so we gave a rainbow hair color to our unicorn.

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How to make a unicorn Christmas card with printable-image for Pinterest

Supplies needed to make a unicorn Christmas Card

  1. Red Cardstock
  2. Purple Cardstock
  3. Printable Christmas unicorn face
  4. Color pens
  5. Glue
  6. Scissors
  7. White construction paper
  8. Decorative items

Watch the tutorial video to learn how to make a Unicorn Christmas card

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Step-by-step instructions to make a DIY Unicorn Christmas card

Step 1

Get a red cardstock in A4 size and a purple cardstock in slightly smaller size. Fold one long edge of the purple cardstock as shown in the picture and apply some glue on the folded edge. Now stick it to the red cardstock and you will get the card ready. Time to make the unicorn!

Step 2

Download the Christmas unicorn printable. You can get it by subscribing to our newsletters by signing up below. Print it out on a white A4 paper and color the parts. We used rainbow colors for the hair, pink for the ears, and red for the Christmas hat. Then we used a golden marker for the horn and drew some cute designs on the Christmas scarf with red, green, golden, and black markers.

Cut each part out and start sticking them onto the purple cardstock.

Let’s start with the Christmas scarf. Stick it towards the bottom of the cardstock. Then stick the face and side fringes. We opted not to stick the fringes fully to get a slight 3-D look.


Step 3

Now, stick the front fringes and the ears followed by the Christmas hat and unicorn horn.

Once all the parts are glued in place, open the card and stick a white construction paper inside. Write your Christmas message and decorate the card with some sparkly stars and glittery items inside and outside.

unicorn christmas card-step 3-stick the parts-min

The DIY unicorn Christmas card is ready. Wasn’t it super easy?!

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Cute DIY Unicorn Christmas Card for kids with free printable

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