Easter Bunny box: Cute Easter craft for kids

After our handprint bunny card for little ones, we are here with an Easter bunny box which will be a hit among kids. They will be so excited to write their secret Easter message to be kept inside the box. They can also keep some little treats such as stickers or miniature toys and secure the box with a ribbon bow. This is a cute Easter craft idea especially for school aged kids and tweens. This is basically an origami box with a bunny face at the top which makes it super fun to teach your kids the basic origami skills.



Supplies you need to make an Easter Bunny Box

1. A4 paper

2. Scissors

3. Glue

4. White paper for bunny’s face

5. Black and pink colour pens

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How to make an Easter Bunny Box for kids

I recommend you watching the below video to understand the steps involved in making this origami bunny box. Since there are a lot of paper folds required in making this bunny box, I feel it may be easier for you to follow the video to understand every bit of it. Get the supplies required and watch the video with your little ones. Enjoy!

Isn’t this Easter Bunny Box just adorable? 


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Handprint Bunny Card

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Easter Bunny box: Cute Easter craft for kids

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