Easy Cherry blossom art for kids on paper plate

Spring is in the air and we have a lovely cherry blossom art for kids to share with you. This simple spring craft involves painting the paper plate, gluing yarn and cutting tissue papers to keep your kids engaged for a long time. This easy cherry blossom tree craft is perfect to do with preschoolers, kindergarteners, and elementary school kids. 

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This is a perfect spring art idea for kids to explore their creativity. It doesn’t have to look exactly as in the pic as each kid will have their own unique imaginations and abilities. Here is a pic of my 4-year-old’s version of cherry blossom craft. 

Cherry blossom art for kids done by my 4 year old

She loved painting the paper plate and gluing the yarn on it. To make the flowers, I gave her pink tissue paper cut in round shape and she made tiny cuts around them. Then she added colorful dots on the flowers and glued them on the yarn. It was lovely to watch her enjoying this simple cherry blossom art project. 

Supplies you need to make a cherry blossom art for kids

  1. Paper plate
  2. Blue and white paint. (You can also use different colors to try different shades of the sky)
  3. Paintbrush
  4. Yarn (Black or brown)
  5. Scissors
  6. PVA Glue
  7. Tissue paper (Dark pink and light pink)
  8. Pink and brown markers

How to make this simple cherry blossom craft?

Once you have gathered all the materials listed, follow the instructions below.

Step 1

Get a paper plate and squirt some blue and white paint on it as shown below. If you want a light blue background, use more white paint. If you want a dark blue sky, use less white paint. Now, spread the paint on the paper plate with horizontal strokes of the paintbrush.

Cherry blossom art for kids -step 1

Step 2

Once the paint dries, cut a few pieces of yarn and get some PVA glue. Dip each piece of yarn in the glue and stick them one by one on the paper plate to form a branch.

Cherry blossom art for kids -step2

Step 3

It is time to make the beautiful cherry blossom flowers. You can cut out small round pieces of pink tissue papers to make these flowers. Now, the kids can cut them to form the shape of a flower. Lets the kids customize them based on their imagination. Lay two or three flower shapes on top of each other and stick them together if you want a fuller look.

For older kids, you can also follow the video on our DIY branch and flowers tutorial to make beautiful cherry blossom flowers. 

Now, stick these flowers on the yarn branch.

Cherry blossom art for kids -step3

Step 4

Using a marker, color the center of these flowers as shown below. Stick more flowers if you like.

Cherry blossom art for kids -step4

Your beautiful cherry blossom art project is ready.

Cherry blossom art for kids image for Pinterest

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Easy Cherry blossom art for kids on paper plate

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