50+ Easy Christmas crafts for kids

Looking for some easy Christmas crafts for kids? You are at the right place! We have gathered over 50+ adorable Christmas craft ideas for kids of all ages. From cute Christmas tree crafts to pretty Christmas tree ornaments, you will find all your favourite crafts right here! Be sure to bookmark this page if you want to check back again!


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Easy Christmas crafts for kids

Christmas tree crafts

Explore these simple and bright Christmas tree crafts from some of our favourite bloggers. There is a range of ideas from fingerprint and thumbprint Christmas trees to aluminum foil and pinecone Christmas tree crafts. We just love those cardboard tube Christmas trees with photos and the handprint Christmas tree! Which one is your favourite?

christmas tree craft-easy christmas crafts for kids

  1. Cardboard tube Christmas trees |  The Soccer Mom Blog
  2. Christmas tree puzzle  |  Simple In The Country
  3. Easy fine motor skills Christmas tree |  School time snippets
  4. Christmas tree Thumbprint  |  A Dab Of Glue Will Do
  5. Fingerprint Christmas tree salt dough ornament |  Messy Little Monster
  6. Christmas tree Spin Art  |  Teaching 2 And 3 Year Olds


christmas tree craft-2-easy christmas crafts for kids

  1. Handprint Christmas tree |  Crafts By Ria
  2. Pinecone Christmas tree  |  Simple In The Country
  3. Popsicle stick Christmas tree garland |  Childhood 101
  4. Easy Origami Christmas tree  |  Red Ted Art
  5. Christmas tree lights ornament |  Mommys Bundle
  6. Paper plate Christmas tree craft  |  Natural Beach Living


christmas tree craft-3-easy christmas crafts for kids

  1. Paper strip Christmas tree |  Non Toy Gifts
  2. Paint chip ornaments  |  Mama in the now
  3. Aluminium foil Christmas tree ornament |  The Joy of sharing
  4. Natural pine cone Christmas tree  |  Mother Natured


Christmas ornaments

How pretty are these Christmas ornament crafts! These easy Christmas crafts for kids are perfect to get them into the holiday spirit. 

christmas tree ornaments-easy christmas crafts for kids-easy christmas crafts for kids

  1. How to make a snow globe |  The best ideas for kids
  2. Masking tape art ornaments  |  The joy of sharing
  3. Jingle Bell Wreath Ornament |  Jinxy kids
  4. Easy Paper fairy |  Crafts By Ria (video)
  5. Melted crayon Christmas ornament |  Home school Preschool


christmas ornaments-2-easy christmas crafts for kids

  1. Paper straw weath |  Project with kids
  2. Salt dough handprint ornament  |  The best ideas for kids
  3. Perler bead ornaments |  Mama in the now
  4. 3D paper Christmas ornament |  Mama smiles


Santa crafts

These fun Santa crafts are perfect to keep your kids excited about Christmas throughout the holiday time. Did you see that matchbox Santa craft with candies inside? Isn’t it such a cute idea?!

santa crafts-easy christmas crafts for kids

  1. Matchbox santa surprise |  Crafts By Ria (Video)
  2. Toilet roll Santa craft  |  Crafts By Ria
  3. Santa handprint craft |  Mama in the now


Snowman crafts

We have got some cute snowman crafts for you!

snowman craft-easy christmas crafts for kids

  1. Paper Cup snowman |  Artsy Craftsy Mom
  2. Surprise wreath Christmas card |  Crafts By Ria
  3. Snowman Christmas countdown craft |  Coffee and Carpool
  4. Woodslice snowman ornaments |  In the kids kitchen


Star crafts

The list of Christmas crafts will not be complete without some easy star crafts. Checkout these beautiful DIY star ideas!

star craft-easy christmas crafts for kids

  1. Paper Star Garland |  Crafts By Ria (Video)
  2. Origami paper star |  Red Ted Art
  3. Simple star decorations |  Pickle Bums


Gingerbread man crafts

Get your family in a Christmas mood with these cute gingerbread man crafts.

gingerbread man crafts-easy christmas crafts for kids

  1. Paper Plate gingerbread man |  Natural Beach Living
  2. Gingerbread Suncatcher ornament |  Teaching 2 and 3 year olds
  3. Decorate gingerbread man art activity |  Fun learning for kids
  4. Toilet paper roll gingerbread man |  Meaningful Mama


Reindeer crafts

We have so many adorable reindeer crafts including nature craft and pasta reindeers!

reindeer crafts-easy christmas crafts for kids

  1. Easy Nature Reindeer craft |  Little Fish Blog
  2. Reindeer handprint craft |  Simple Everyday Mom
  3. Printable Reindeer antlers |  Kids craft room
  4. Pasta reindeer craft |  The joy of sharing


More craft ideas with toilet paper rolls

We still have more ideas with toilet paper rolls. We especially love those shepherd crafts!

toilet roll crafts-easy christmas crafts for kids

  1. Paper roll Christmas crafts |  Non Toy Gifts
  2. Christmas toilet paper roll crafts |  The best ideas for kids
  3. Toilet roll shepherds craft |  Thinking kids blog


Even more easy Christmas crafts!

easy christmas crafts for kids--other

  1. Footprint Christmas craft for kids|  Simple Everyday mom
  2. Christmas Lanterns |  Project with kids
  3. Plastic plate snowglobe |  Fireflies and mudpies
  4. Ugly Christmas sweater collage craft |  Fun learning for kids
  5. Fingerprint Lights photoframe |  Teach me Mommmy
  6. Printable elf puppet craft | Kids craft room


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Wanna see some more easy Christmas crafts for kids? Check out the below 5 easy paper Christmas craft ideas!

5 paper Christmas crafts for kids-thumbnail

Check out this playlist on our YouTube channel to see more Christmas craft tutorial videos for kids!

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50+ Easy Christmas crafts for kids

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