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Father’s Day is just around the corner and you may be looking for some easy Father’s day craft ideas for kids. I am here with two cool DIY projects for kids to do at home or at school. ūüôā

One is the best dad badge and the other one is a very easy popsicle stick craft which will surely bring a smile on dad’s face.

The best dad badge craft idea was inspired by this DIY Paper Award Ribbon project from Easy Peasy and Fun. I am a huge fan of Easy Peasy and Fun which shares tons of kids’ craft ideas. I found it on Pinterest and couldn’t help trying it myself.¬†

Let’s see how to make these two awesome gifts for Father’s Day!

father's day craft ideas

1. Best Dad Badge- Father’s Day Craft Ideas


Supplies you need to make a Best Dad Badge

1. A4 Paper (I used blue colour paper)

2. Two paper strips, approximate size-4 x 13 cm each (Blue colour)

3. White paper cut in round shape

4. Glue

5. Scissors

6. Colour pen

Steps to make a Best Dad Badge

Watch the video tutorial at the top or follow the below steps!

Step 1

Cut the blue A4 paper into 2 equal sized pieces vertically.


best dad badge-step1-father's day craft ideas

Step 2

Take one piece of paper and start making accordion folds all the way till the end. If you are not sure how to do it, I recommend watching the video to get a better idea.


best dad badge-step 2-father's day craft ideas

Step 3

Once you have completed making the accordion folds, fold it in half.

Then apply glue on one side and glue it together by pressing it from both the sides.


father's day craft ideas-best dad badge-step3

Step 4

After gluing both the sides together, you will get a mini paper fan.

At the bottom of this paper fan, you will see two or three folds which are loose and can be stretched out. We don’t want them to stay loose.¬† Apply some glue at the centre and glue them together.


father's day craft ideas-best dad badge-step4

Step 5

Take the other piece of paper left from Step 1 and repeat steps 2 to 4 . Now, you will have two paper fans. Glue them together at the bottom and you will get a rosette.

Glue a white paper cut in round shape over the rosette. Make sure it is smaller than the rosette.

fathers day craft idea-step 5

Step 6

Cut ribbons out of two blue paper strips and glue them together. 

fathers day craft idea-best dad badge- step 6

Now, you can glue the ribbons at the back of the rosette and write your favourite words for daddy on the white paper! ūüôā


best dad badge-Father's day craft ideas for kids



2. Popsicle Stick Craft- Father’s Day Craft Ideas


Out of the two Father’s day Craft Ideas, I love this one the most. It is such a cute and thoughtful gift for dad!¬†


father's day craft ideas for kids-popsicle stick craft


Supplies you need to make this popsicle stick craft

1. Coloured popsicle sticks

2. Hot Glue

3. Jute twine

4. Scissors

5. Marker or colour pen


Steps to make a Father’s Day popsicle stick craft

Step 1

Choose 10 to 12 popsicle sticks of your favourite colors. 

Now, get the jute twine and apply hot glue on two sides of it to stick the popsicle sticks. I highly recommend adults to do this step as it involves the use of a hot glue. (Use wood glue if kids are doing it.)

 father's day craft ideas for kids- apply hot glue on the jute twine

Step 2

Stick the popsicle sticks one by one on the twine by using hot glue.

Once all the popsicle sticks are glued on to the twine, cut any extra lengths of twine left at the ends.

Now, it is time for the kids to write their thoughts for daddy!

father's day craft ideas- stick the popsicle sticks on the jute twine


I wrote it on behalf of my 2 year old little girl. Her dad often calls her “cutie” and she sometimes calls him back by that name! lol. So i made it a point to write the last line, ” You are a cutie” ūüôā

Now, hang it on the wall or the door and wait for that surprised look on daddy’s face!


father's day craft ideas


Did you like these Father’s Day Craft Ideas? What are some of the other ideas that you have for Father’s Day?¬†

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