Make your own Colourful and Easy Paper Bow


Here I come with another tutorial on making an easy paper bow! This is perfect as a gift-topper or as a room-decor. We made two of them using colour papers and we just love them!

Easy Paper Bow pinterest

And the best thing is, it is very very easy to make them! Wanna learn how to make an easy paper bow? Read on. ūüôā

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Supplies you need to make an Easy paper bow

1. 2 A4 sized papers

2. Glue

3. Scissors

How to make an Easy paper bow – Steps

Easy Paper Bow

So, let’s start making a paper bow! ūüôā

You can either watch my video tutorial or follow the step-by-step instructions below. 

Step 1

Get an A4 sized paper and fold it in half vertically. Fold it again in half two more times. Now cut this paper along the creases you just got.

You will get 8 equally sized paper strips.

Easy Paper Bow steps- fold the paper and cut paper strips

Step 2

Divide the paper strips into two sets of 4 each. Take one set and cut approximately 4 cm out of it. Now, you will have one set of long and one set of short paper strips.

Easy Paper Bow steps- cut 4 cms out of one set of paper strips
Easy Paper Bow steps- cut 4 cms out of one set

Step 3

Take a paper strip and glue the tips together to form a circular shape. Then, put some glue inside the circle and stick it to the opposite side to form an 8 – shape.

Easy Paper Bow steps- Make an 8 shape out of the paper strip

Step 4

Let’s make these 8-shapes out of the other paper strips too. You will get four big 8-shapes and four small 8-shapes. 

Make an 8 shape out of each of the paper strips

Step 5

Apply some glue at the middle of the 8-shapes. Start sticking them together one by one on top of the other. Start with the big ones followed by the small ones as shown on the pictures below.

Easy Paper Bow steps- stick the 8 shapes together

Easy Paper Bow steps- stick the 8 shapes together one by one

Step 6

Once you have finished sticking all the 8-shapes, make a tiny roll of paper and stick it in the middle of the bow. (You can use the left-over paper from step 2 for this. ūüôā )

Easy Paper Bow steps- stick a small roll at the centre

Step 7

Just one small step more! Take another piece of paper and cut two paper strips out of it. Make sure they are of the same width as the paper strips we just used for the bow.

Stick them together at the tips to form a V-shape. And remove a small V shape out of both the ends.

Now, stick it at the back of the bow.

easy paper bow steps- stick them together

The beautiful paper bow is ready! Wasn’t it super easy?

Easy Paper Bow is ready

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