Fun Fathers day craft for kindergarten-Dad You Rock

Looking for a unique and fun way to surprise daddy on Father’s day? This rocking paper plate craft is the perfect way to tell dad that he rocks and probably invoke some laughter! You can also add a personalised touch by sticking dad’s photo on it. This is an easy Fathers day craft for kindergarten, preschool and elementary school kids and they are definitely gonna enjoy this fun project.


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Fathers day craft for kindergarten

Supplies you need to make a rocking Father’s day craft 

1. Paper plate

2. Crayons or colour pens

3. Glue

4. Scissors

5. White paper

6. Cardstock paper

7. Paper cutting knife ( optional, to be used by grown ups only)

Steps- How to make an Easy rocking paper plate craft for Father’s day

Let’s see the steps involved in making this easy Father’s day craft for kindergarten and preschoolers.


Step 1

Get a paper plate and colour the outer side using crayons or colour pens.

Fathers day craft for kindergarten-step1


Step 2

Download and print the template on a white paper as shown below. Cut it out and stick it on a cardstock paper. We used a yellow cardstock for this.

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Fathers day craft for kindergarten-step2


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Step 3

Colour the shirt, pants, shoes and glasses. You can also stick daddy’s photo on the face to make it more fun.

Now, cut it out using scissors. Adults can help kids to cut out the portions under the arms and legs using a paper cutting knife. Make sure you leave a small part of the cardstock beneath the shoes. We need this part to stick the pic on to the paper plate.

Fathers day craft for kindergarten-step3




Step 4

Fold the paper plate in half and write your message, “Dad! You rock”. Don’t you think this message fits this rocking craft perfectly 😉

Fathers day craft for kindergarten -step4


Step 5

Fold the portion of cardstock beneath the shoes backwards and apply some glue there.

fathers day craft for kindergarten-step5

Step 6

Now, stick it on the paper plate as shown below. 

fathers day craft for kindergarten-step6


Step 7

Cut out a small circle and make a mini badge by cutting some patterns around it. Stick two small strips of paper behind it to complete the look. 

Write “best dad” and stick the badge on dad’s shirt.

fathers day craft for kindergarten-step7


Now, wait for daddy to come and rock your fun paper plate craft to give hime the cutest surprise on this Father’s day! Play the video above to see this rocking craft in action!


dad you rock easy fathers day craft for kindergarten-pin1


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Fun Fathers day craft for kindergarten-Dad You Rock

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