Fun Summer Craft For kids- Paper Plate Sun Marionette


Here is a cool sun marionette craft you can’t miss this summer! This paper plate sun is an easy-to-make, fun craft for kids. Older kids will enjoy making this while the younger ones will giggle looking at the dancing sun! 🙂 Either way, this is a perfect craft idea for kids of all ages!

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fun summer craft for kids-paper plate sun marionette

Supplies you need to make a Paper Plate Sun summer craft

1. Paper plate

2. Cardboard

3. String

4. Straw

5. Glue

6. Card stock paper

7. Scissors

8. Googly Eyes

9. Hole punch

10. Pencil

Steps- How to make a Paper Plate Sun

Watch the video at the top or follow the below steps to make this paper plate sun summer craft!

Step 1

First, paint the inner side of a paper plate with yellow colour. Let the paint dry.

paper plate sun-paint a paper plate with yellow colour

Step 2

Now, cut a sun shape out of the paper plate as shown below. Then, we will stick two googly eyes, nose and mouth cut out of card stock paper. We have made the sun’s face!

paper plate sun-cut it into the shape of a sun

Step 3

Grab a card stock paper of your favourite colour, draw two little hands and shoes for the sun and cut them out! Kids can trace their hands for this step!

paper plate sun-cut two hands and shoes for the dancing sun

Step 4

Punch 5 holes on the sun’s face as shown below! One hole on the top, two holes to attach the hands and two holes to attach the legs.

paper plate sun-punch holes on the paper plate

Step 5

Punch holes on the hands and shoes too!

paper plate sun-punch holes on the hands and shoes

Step 6

Let’s attach the hands to the sun’s face now.

Get a straw, cut 2 pieces out of it, each of approximately 3.5 cm. String them both. Tie one end of the string to the sun’s face and the other end to one hand as shown below.

Attach the other hand the same way.

paper plate sun-string the straw pieces

Step 6

We need three pieces of straw (approximately of 3.5 cm each) for one leg.

String them and tie one end of the string to the shoe and the other end to one of the holes at the bottom of the sun’s face!

Attach both the legs the same way.

paper plate sun-attach the legs with 3 pieces of straw

Step 7

Get a long thick piece of cardboard. You can stick colour paper on it if you like. Punch 6 holes on it as shown below; 2 at the centre and 2 at each of the sides.

Get a small piece of string and tie one end to the holes at the centre of the cardboard. Tie the other end to the hole at the top of the sun’s face. The length of the string I used is approximately 10 cm.

paper plate sun-attach the sun's face to the cardboard using a string

Step 8

Punch a hole on each hand. Get two more pieces of string, attach both the hands to the holes on the sides of the cardboard. The string length I used is approximately 20 cm.

paper plate sun-punch holes on the hands and attch to the cardboard

The sun marionette craft is ready!

Hold the cardboard and move it up and down.You will see the sun dancing and waving at you! Isn’t it so much fun? 🙂

paper plate sun marionette-fb

This paper plate sun is a perfect summer craft to do with preschoolers and kindergarteners. Adults may have to help them, especially with punching holes and tying strings. 

Did you like this summer craft idea?

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