Handprint Christmas tree card with pull-tab

Christmas is almost here! Let’s make a fun handprint Christmas tree card for kids. This DIY Christmas tree card comes with a small pull-tab which when pulled, the handprints pop up and the Christmas message shows up! Such a cool craft idea for Christmas. Isn’t it?

We always love handprint crafts. They make adorable keepsakes that you can cherish as your little one grows up. You may also love to check out this handprint Christmas tree craft with paper roll which we made last year. This handmade card is so much fun to make and kids will love tracing their hands and writing their special Christmas message inside. This is one of the cutest Christmas crafts that can be made with paper and just a few other basic supplies.

handprint christmas tree cards for kids

Watch the tutorial video to learn how to make a handprint Christmas tree card

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Supplies needed to make a pop-up handprint Christmas tree card

  1. Red cardstock
  2. Green cardstock
  3. Brown cardstock
  4. Green construction paper
  5. Decorative stickers, stars, etc.
  6. Markers (Black, red, golden, green, etc.)
  7. Scissors
  8. Glue

Step-by-step instructions to make a handprint Christmas tree card for kids

Step 1

Fold the thin green cardstock in half and draw a ‘V shape with no corner’, starting from the folded side. Cut out the folded v shape. We got the structure of the tree. We will be sticking handprints on one side of it and writing the Christmas message inside it.

Stick a brown cardstock behind this V shaped tree.

Step 1- how to make a christmas tree handprint card for kids

Step 2

Place this tree structure on a red cardstock with the trunk at the back. Do not stick it on the card yet. Get a small strip of green cardstock and apply glue on it. Now, stick it on the top flap of the tree and stick both its ends to the cardstock.

Once the glue dries, pull the trunk of the tree downwards. The brown cardstock which is the trunk is the pull-tab of our card. The lower flap of the tree should move freely up and down. If you see it gets stuck, slightly trim the sides and make sure it can move freely under the green cardstock strip.

step 2- kids handprint christmas card design-stick the tree on the card.

Step 3

Now, the fun part begins! Let your kid trace several handprints on a green paper and cut them out. Stick them one by one on the top flap covering the green cardstock strip. Make sure the handprints do not stick to the red cardstock.

The pull-tab handprint Christmas tree card is ready. Time to decorate it. Draw some Christmas tree light strings with a black marker and decorate the card with stars, glitter paper, etc. You can also add some Christmas lights with fingerprints. Don’t forget to pull the tab down and write your special Christmas message inside! Also, draw some cute Christmas gift boxes!

step 3-stick the handprints, write the Christmas message-christmas card preschool kids, kindergarten

Isn’t this handprint Christmas tree card such a fun craft idea for kids!

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Handprint Christmas tree card with pull-tab

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