Handprint Christmas tree craft for kids


A Hand print craft is one of the cutest ways to keep the childhood memories last forever. This handprint Christmas tree is perfect for kids of all ages. My 3-year-old was a bit sceptical at first as to what we were going to do with her handprints. But once she saw me sticking them together to make a mini Christmas tree, she got excited and joined me. We absolutely loved making this easy DIY Handprint Christmas tree.


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Supplies you need to make a DIY Handprint Christmas tree

1. Toilet paper roll

2. Scissors

3. Glue

4. 2 x green colour A4 papers

5. Green cardstock (approx: 28 x 10 cm)

6. Metallic (glossy) paper

7. Glitter paper

8. Hole punch

9. String (optional)

Steps- How to make a Handprint Christmas tree craft

Making this handprint Christmas tree is very easy. Just watch the video at the top for step by step instructions or follow the written directions below.

Step 1

First, get a toilet paper roll and cut it in half. We will use one half for our Christmas tree and discard the other.

handprint christmas tree-step1

Step 2

Now, get a green cardstock (approx 28 x 10 cm) and fold it in half as shown below.

Then cut off portions from both the sides to roughly form a triangle shape with the top tip having at least 1 cm length. Unfold it. Now, stick both the ends of the cardstock to the toilet roll we got from step 1.

handprint christmas tree-step2


You will get the structure of a Christmas tree now.

handprint christmas tree-step3

Step 3

Time to stick the handprints. Trace your kid’s handprints on a green paper and cut them out. You will need 6 to 10 handprints to make this tree. Start sticking them one by one on one of the sides of the Christmas tree.

Now, cut a star out of a glitter paper and stick at the top of the tree. Finally, get a glossy paper and cut out small circles out of it using a hole punch. We chose red and golden glossy papers for this.

handprint christmas tree-step4


The handprint Christmas tree craft is ready. You can also hang it as a Christmas ornament by pulling a small string through it and tying the ends together.

handprint christmas tree-pin1

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