How to draw a Christmas tree with presents using shapes

Looking for some easy Christmas drawings for kids? Learn how to draw a Christmas tree with presents while also learning the basic shapes. We have a template that you can download and kids will have fun drawing this cute Christmas tree following the easy step-by-step instructions. This is a fantastic learning activity for kids especially preschoolers and kindergarteners.

We drew this Christmas tree with basic shapes such as rectangle, triangle, circle, and some curved lines. We also drew some beautiful presents using square shape. Then we colored our drawing with crayons. Isn’t it a fun idea for Christmas? You could also stick this Christmas drawing to a cardstock and make a beautiful Xmas card.

If you are looking for some Christmas coloring activity for kids, you will also want to check out this easy DIY unicorn card that we made recently.

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Watch the tutorial video to learn how to draw a Christmas tree with presents using shapes

Supplies needed to draw a Christmas tree using shapes

  1. White construction paper
  2. Black marker or pencil
  3. Ruler
  4. Green, red, pink, blue, and yellow crayons or color pencils
  5. Step by step printable instructions. (Optional) You can download it by signing up for our weekly newsletters below.

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Step-by-step easy drawing tutorial-How to draw a Christmas tree with presents

You may download and print our step by step drawing tutorial for kids to follow or help them with the written instructions below.

Step 1

Draw a triangle on a white construction paper using ruler and black marker or pencil.

Step 2

Draw 5 rectangles horizontally under the triangle. You can also draw more rectangles if you wish to make the tree even bigger. The rectangles should be drawn in the increasing order of length.

Now draw a vertical rectangle underneath the horizontal rectangles to make the Christmas tree trunk.

Step 3

Draw small circles on the tree to make the Christmas lights. Start with one circle on the triangle, 2 circles on the next rectangle, 3 circles on the next rectangle and so on. We used a paper straw to draw the circle shapes. You can also free draw them. They don’t have to be perfect.

Draw two square shapes on either side of the Christmas tree to make the Christmas presents.

Step 4

Add a bow on the Christmas presents by drawing two circles and two tiny lines on each of them as shown below.

Time to draw a star. Draw two triangles above the Christmas tree to make a 6 pointed star.

Step 5

Connect the circles on the tree with some curved lines. Also draw some designs on the Christmas gift boxes.

Step 6

Now, color it with crayons or markers or color pencils. The Cristmas tree drawing with presents is ready! Super cute and easy right?!

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How to draw a Christmas tree with presents using shapes

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