How to make a Floating Tea Cup- Beautiful Home Decor


I saw the pic of a floating tea cup the first time in one of the Facebook Groups. I immediately fell in love with it and wanted to know how to make a floating tea cup. One of the lovely ladies in the group shared that little trick which made the cup look floating in the air! So, let’s see how to make this adorable home-decor that will awe your guests!

how to make a floating tea cup-pin3

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Supplies you need to make a floating tea cup

1. Spoon/Fork

2. Cup and saucer

3. Hot Glue

4. Artificial flowers and leaves

5. Other decorative items such as butterflies, birds, pearls etc. 

Steps- How to make a Floating Tea Cup

This is gonna be fun! You just need to learn the trick to get that floating look and you can decorate it the way you want.

Watch the video at the top or just follow the instructions below to learn how to make a floating tea cup!

Step 1

Firstly, get a metal spoon or fork and bend both the sides of it as shown below. (Tip: An easy way to bend the spoon/fork is to keep one tip of it at the door gap. Then gently close the door while holding the other tip and bending it in a 90 degree direction). Once you have passed this step, the rest is going to be easy!

bend the spoon-how to make a floating tea cup

Step 2

Now, we will stick the top tip of the spoon inside the cup using hot glue. Make sure you use plenty of glue to make it really sturdy!

how to make a floating tea cup-stick the spoon on cup

Step 3

Let’s stick the other end of the spoon at the centre of the saucer. (The saucer shouldn’t be too small or else, the whole thing can fall down due to the weight of the cup. It happened with me the first time. lol! ) Again, use plenty of hot glue to stick it well.

stick the spoon on the saucer-how to make a floating tea cup

Step 4

Now, stick the flowers,leaves and other decorative items on the cup, spoon and saucer using hot glue.  Make sure the spoon is completely covered. You can get really creative with this part! You may even use coffee beans or candies instead of flowers!

stick the flowers on the spoon

The floating tea cup is ready! This is a beautiful addition to your table whether it is a Wedding day, baby shower, birthdays or any other occasions!  

how to make a floating tea cup-fb

Get ready and make your own beautiful floating tea-cups today! Join my Facebook Group and share the pictures with me! I would love to see your beautiful creations!

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