I love you to pieces craft with free printable

This I love you to pieces craft is a cute craft idea which you can do with your kids at home or in the classroom. With Mother’s Day and Father’s day just around the corner, this heart-shaped card makes the perfect craft which moms and dads will just adore! This is also a beautiful craft idea for Valentine’s day or grandparent’s day!  This little card can be used as a bookmark too! 

To make this heart card, we decided to recycle a transparent plastic sheet which came with the craft supplies. What a wonderful way to recycle those old plastic bags!

I love you to pieces craft-pin1


Supplies you need to make I love you to pieces craft

1. Cardstock paper (approx: 30 x 20 cm)

2. Scissor

3. Glue

4. Transparent plastic sheet

5. Construction paper of different colours

6. Paper cutting knife (to be used by grown ups only)


Steps- How to make an I love you to pieces craft

Let’s see the steps involved in making this I love you to pieces craft. 



Step 1

Get a cardstock paper(approx: 20 x 30 cm) and fold it in half.


I love you to pieces craft-step1


Step 2

Download and print the heart template (bigger heart) on an A4 paper. Cut the heart shape out of it.

Now, place the heart along the folded side of the cardstock paper as shown below.

Cut the folded cardstock paper carefully along the edges of this heart. (You can trace the heart on the cardstock using a pencil to make it easier to cut)


i love you to pieces craft-step2


You will get a heart-shaped card like the one below.

i love you to pieces craft steps



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Step 3

Now, download and print the heart template (this time, the smaller heart) on an A4 paper.

Cut the heart shape out of it. Place the heart on the front side of the card and trace it as shown below.

Now, cut out the heart shape from the cardstock using a paper cutting knife. You will get a hollow heart at the front.

Apply some glue on the same heart template we just used.  Stick it inside the card through the hollow heart shape. (If you find this part confusing, I highly recommend you to watch the video to understand it better 🙂 )

I love you to pieces craft-step3


Step 4

Write your message inside the card now. 

I love you to pieces craft-step4


Step 5

Apply glue around the hollow heart shape. You may use craft glue, PVA glue or glue stick. Stick a square-shaped transparent plastic sheet on it. (This sheet should be bigger than the heart shape.)

I love you to pieces-step5

Step 6

Cut some tiny paper pieces from colourful construction papers and place it in the middle of the card as shown below.

Apply glue around the heart shape. Close the card by bringing the other side towards it and pressing it firmly. Try not to move the card or the paper pieces much until the glue dries completely. (Otherwise the paper pieces may get stuck in the glue.)

i love you to pieces craft-step6


Step 7

Now, cut the excess plastic sheet around the card using scissors and the I love you to pieces craft card is ready!

i love you to pieces craft-step7



i love you to pieces-fb


3 beautiful cards for Mothers day

3 mothers day cards-thumbnail



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I love you to pieces craft with free printable

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