Ice cream cone craft-Very Easy and cute

The one thing my daughter loves the most in this world after rainbow is “ice cream”. She loves anything and everything related to ice cream, be it a colouring page or even a bedtime story. So, I thought why not make an ice cream cone craft for her!

This is the perfect summer craft idea for all ice cream lovers including kids and adults. This is also a wonderful idea to have some pretend play with your little ones. Make many of them and use it as a colorful summer party decor or as a kids’ room decor.  If you are looking for a room decor idea which you can do with older kids, you will love this DIY branch decor craft! We also have a huge summer crafts roundup for kids  and summer roundup for tweens for you to check out!

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ice cream cone craft craft-social media

Supplies you need to make an ice cream cone craft 

1. Cardstock paper (10 x 18 cm)

2. Scissors

3. PVA Glue

4. Thin felt paper (19 x 19 cm)

5. Clear tape

6. Styrofoam ball (3.25 cm diameter)

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Steps to make an ice cream cone craft

Step 1

Get a cardstock paper(we used 10 x 18 cm) and make a corn shape as shown below. Apply PVA glue generously to stick the other end of the cardstock in place.

icecream cone craft-step1

Step 2

Cut off the top part of the cone to make the edges uniform.

(Please keep in mind that the diameter of the top part of this cone should be slightly more than that of the styrofoam ball you are using. Because we will be inserting the styrofoam ball into this cone in the coming steps.)

icecream cone craft-step2

Step 3

Get a piece of felt paper(We used approximately 19 x 19 cm). Make sure it is really thin. Otherwise you will have a hard time cutting and inserting it into the cone in the later steps. It happened with me the first time. lol)

Place a styrofoam ball (we used 3.25 cm diameter) at the centre of this felt.

icecream cone craft-step3

Step 4

Fold the felt inwards to cover the styrofoam ball as shown below. Secure the bottom by wrapping and sticking a transparent tape around it.

icecream cone craft-step4

Step 5

Cut the bottom of the felt paper to make the ends shorter and to make it look more like a small circle when folded outwards.

icecream cone craft-step5

Step 6

Apply PVA glue generously inside the cone and on the felt as shown below.

Now, insert the felt ball into the cone and push it really well to make sure it stays in place. Place it such that the flare at the bottom comes outside. 

icecream cone craft-step6

Step 7

The ice cream cone craft is ready!

ice cream cone craft-step7

Isn’t it such a pretty and colourful ice cream craft!

felt icecream cone craft-pin1

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Ice cream cone craft-Very Easy and cute

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