Merry Go Round Craft with Paper plate- Easy Craft for kids


Make a miniature merry go round craft with paper plates and recycled tissue paper roll. This is a very easy to make craft for younger kids, especially preschoolers and kindergarteners! Choose white paper plates so that the kids can colour them with their favourite colours. They can get even more creative by adding some stickers or glitter!

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paper plate merry go round-fb

Supplies you need to make a Merry Go Round craft

1. 3 Paper plates

2. Paper roll (Paper tube), approximately 16 cm in length

3. Craft Glue

4. Card stock paper

5. Yarn

6. Plastic lid

7. Paint 

8. Hole Punch

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Steps- How to make a Merry Go Round Craft 

Watch the video at the top or follow the below steps to make a merry go round craft for kids!

Step 1

Get three paper plates and paint the outer sides with your favourite colour paint. You can use watercolour or acrylic paint. Let the paint dry.

paper plate merry go round craft- paint the outer side of the three paper plates

Step 2

Paint the paper roll. You can recycle tissue paper rolls or the paper tube that comes with gift wrapping paper.

paper plate merry go round craft-paint the paper roll

Step 3

Punch holes on one paper plate using a hole punch as shown below. We are going to hang the chairs on this paper plate.

paper plate merry go round-punch holes with a hole puncher

paper plate merry go round craft- punch 10 holes

Step 4

Stick one end of the paper tube in the centre of the paper plate with holes.

paper plate merry go round-step4

Step 5

I wanted a thick base for the merry go round craft. So I glued the other two paper plates on top of each other with the painted sides coming outside.

Then I glued the other end of the paper tube to the centre of it.

paper plate merry go round craft- stick the other end of the paper tube to the paper plates

Step 6

Let’s make the chairs now.

Get a card stock paper(approximately 6 x 10 cm). Fold it in half. Now, cut the sides to form a chair shape. Stick a piece of yarn at the back of the chair using tape. Similarly, make 4 more chairs.

paper plate merry go round craft- make a chair with the cardstock paper

Now, tie the chairs to the holes on the paper plate. Adjust the length of the yarn such that the chairs won’t touch the bottom.

Stick a plastic lid on top. You can colour the lid as you wish.

Wow! The merry go round craft is ready! How easy was that! ūüôā

paper plate merry go round-pin2

Make a lot of them with different sized paper plates and tubes and make a miniature amusement park! Take some pics and share with me on my Facebook Group!

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