Fall paper necklace craft for kids

Fall is around the corner and I am here with one of the cutest fall crafts for kids. This paper necklace craft for kids is a wonderful craft to develop scissor skills and fine motor skills in your little ones. Girls will love wearing this colourful fall-themed necklace! This also makes a perfect gift idea for fall.

paper necklace craft for kids-fb

Supplies you need to make paper necklace craft for kids

1. Paper (I used the fall colours-red, orange and yellow)

2. Paper straw

3. Glue stick

4. Scissors

5. Ruler

6. Pencil

7. Glitter

8. Buttons (optional)

9. Transparent thread

10. Clear nail polish (optional)


Steps- How to make a Paper Bead Necklace: Autumn crafts for kids

This paper bead necklace is one of the easiest autumn crafts for kids. Watch the below video or follow the written steps to learn how to make this beautiful paper craft.



Step 1

I chose red,yellow and orange-colored papers to make this fall necklace.

paper necklace craft for kids-step1

Step 2

Draw triangles on the papers as shown below. The taller the triangle, the thicker the beads will be. 

paper necklace craft for kids-step2

Step 3

Cut out the triangles using scissors. Now, get a paper straw. Apply glue on each of the triangles and wrap them around the paper straw.

paper necklace craft for kids-step3

After wrapping the triangles around the paper straw, cut them out using scissors. You will get several paper beads.

paper necklace craft for kids-step4

Step 4

Make as many paper beads as you want using different colour papers. I liked to add a bit of glitter. So, I applied glue around the paper beads and dipped them in glitter.

Now, string these paper beads and a few buttons on a transparent thread. Go for any pattern as you wish.

paper necklace craft for kids-step5

You can apply some clear nail polish on the paper beads to make them more glossy. 


paper necklace craft for kids-autumn crafts for kids

The beautiful paper necklace craft is ready. Wasn’t it fun!


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Fall paper necklace craft for kids

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