Paper heart butterfly craft on popsicle stick wreath

This beautiful paper heart butterfly craft on popsicle stick wreath is perfect to make with your kids on Valentine’s day or during spring. The butterfly craft is great to introduce the heart shape while the popsicle wreath is good to introduce the hexagon shape to your little ones. They will love to color their own pretty butterflies, stick them on the wreath and hang it on the wall. This Valentine’s day craft comes with plenty of fine motor activities for kids.

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Just print out the butterfly template and you are ready to go!

Supplies you need to make a Valentines day heart butterfly craft

1. Popsicle sticks

2. Scissors

3. Wood glue / Hot Glue

4. Glue stick

5. Paper

6. Buttons

7. Hole punch

Steps to make a Valentines day heart butterfly craft

Making this Valentine’s day heart butterfly craft is so much fun. Download the free butterfly printable and get ready to craft!

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Step 1

Stick 6 popsicle sticks together to form a hexagon shape. We used wood glue for this. You can also use hot glue.

heart butterfly craft-step1

Step 2

Stick 6 other popsicle sticks across each side of the hexagon as shown below.

heart butterfly craft-step2

Step 3

Stick 6 buttons on each junction between the popsicle sticks. 

heart butterfly craft-step3

Step 4

Download the butterfly printable and start colouring it.

heart butterfly craft-step4

Step 5

Cut out some circles using a hole punch and decorate the heart-shaped wings. We also glued a heart on each wing.

heart butterfly craft-step5

Step 6

Cut out the butterfly and stick two antennae. 

heart butterfly popsicle stick wreath craft-step6

Stick it to the wreath and hang it on the wall using a string. Isn’t such a pretty craft for the Valentine’s day!

heart butterfly craft-pin1

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Paper heart butterfly craft on popsicle stick wreath

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