Paper Lavender-how to make beautiful paper lavender


Lavender! Such a beautiful flower with pleasant scent and vibrant colors! Every time I hear the name, I get a fresh feeling! They look simply divine! Don’t they?  Today, I want to make a paper lavender with you 🙂  This is very easy and makes a perfect summer/spring craft idea for kids! Luckily, I  had a few purple colored papers in stock that were apt to make these beautiful flowers!

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Supplies you need to make this paper lavender

1. Purple coloured paper (approximate size: 30 x 10.5 cm)

2. Green coloured paper (approximate size: 17 x 14 cm)

3. Another green coloured paper (approximate size: 14 x 12 cm)

4. Glue

5. Scissors

6. A skewer (optional)

How to make a paper lavender -Steps

Making this paper lavender is so easy! Watch the video tutorial at the top or follow these simple instructions below! 🙂

Step 1

Get the purple coloured paper (or any other colour of your choice) and fold it in half, two times as shown below.

paper lavender steps-fold the purple paper in half

paper lavender steps-fold the purple paper in half

Step 2

Using scissors, make cuts approximately 0.5 cm apart as shown below.paper lavender- cut it using scissors

Step 3

Unfold it fully.paper lavender steps- unfold it and open it

Step 4

Now, glue both the sides together where the cuts are not present.

paper lavender steps- glue both the sides together

Step 5

Let the glue dry. In the meantime, let’s make a stem for the paper lavender! Get the green coloured paper (17 x 14 cm) and roll it from one corner using a skewer. Use of skewer is optional here. It just helps you to get a perfect roll and makes the rolling easier. Once you roll it fully, fix the end using glue. paper lavender steps-roll the green paper using a skewer

 paper lavender steps-roll the green paper

Step 6

Cut off a little bit from both the ends of the stem to make them perfectly round. Now, take another green paper (14 x 12 cm) and cut it as shown below to form the leaves. paper lavender steps-cut some leaves for the lavender

Step 7

Let’s attach all the pieces together! Take the purple coloured paper from step 4, stick it on the top of the stem.Now, start rolling it around the stem downwards while sticking it to the stem using some glue.

paper lavender-stick the purple paper on the stem

Step 8

Now, glue the leaves around the stem and gently fluff up the petals of the flower with your fingers. That’s it! You have made a gorgeous paper lavender! 🙂 How easy was that!

paper lavender

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