Paper photo frame craft for kids

Looking for a photo frame craft for kids? This paper photo frame is a wonderful gift for teacher’s day/grandparents day and a fantastic boredom buster craft for kids. This is also a beautiful room decor craft idea for summer and spring.

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paper photo frame craft for kids-pin1

I chose blue and white papers to make this photo frame craft and decorated it with some pretty paper roses at the end.

Supplies you need to make a paper photo frame craft for kids

1. Paper

2. Scissors

3. Glue

4. Cardstock

5. Skewer (optional)

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Steps to make a paper photo frame craft for kids

Step 1

Get a rectangular paper (approx. 16 x 9 cm) and start rolling it from one corner. You can use a skewer to make the rolling easier. Roll it till you reach the other corner and secure it with some glue to make a paper roll.

photo frame craft for kids-step1

Step 2

Cut a bit from both the ends of the paper roll to make the surface uniform.

For this photo frame, I made 12 blue paper rolls and 2 white paper rolls. 

I cut 2 of the blue paper rolls shorter. ( to approx. 9 cm)

photo frame craft for kids-step2

Step 3

Cut out a small circle out of a white paper and cut it towards the center as shown below.

photo frame craft for kids-step3

Step 4

Now start rolling this paper strip loosely towards the centre and stick the other end at the bottom of this paper roll to make a paper rose.

You can apply some glue while rolling the paper strip to secure the rolls in place.

photo frame craft for kids-step4

Step 5

Make as many paper roses as you like.

photo frame craft for kids-step5

Step 6

Get a small cardstock paper (approx. 9 x 9 cm)

photo frame craft for kids-step6

Step 7

Now, let’s start sticking the paper rolls around this cardstock. 

First, take two long paper rolls and stick them on both the vertical sides of the cardstock.

Then take the two shorter paper rolls and stick one at the top and the other at the bottom. When you stick the top paper roll, make sure you apply glue only at its ends and leave the rest of it unglued. (Because we will be inserting photo this way.) You may watch the video to get a better idea.

If you are using hot glue, make sure only grown ups do this step.

Now, arrange more paper rolls near the cardstock as shown in the picture.

photo frame craft for kids-step7

Step 8

Place more paper rolls carefully on the top and apply glue at every joint to fix them in place.

I liked to get the shape of a house and arranged the paper rolls as shown below. Get as creative as you want with this step.

photo frame craft for kids-step8

Step 9

Lastly, cut out some leaves and stick them along with the paper roses from step 5 on the photo frame.

That’s it! You have made a beautiful paper photo frame! Hang it on the wall using a transparent string or stick it somewhere using a double-sided tape. Or you can simple place it on your desk.

photo frame craft for kids-step9

Isn’t it an adorable photo frame craft for kids!

paper photo frame craft for kids-square

Here is my photo frame with a pic of my daughter when she was a baby 🙂

paper photo frame craft for kids-final

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Paper photo frame craft for kids

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