How to make a beautiful pom pom heart with yarn and beads


I love anything red when it comes to Valentine’s day crafts. I had some of this red yarn left from last year’s DIY Teddy bear craft and decided to make this beautiful pom pom heart with my daughter. She was so excited when she saw me wrapping the yarn around my fingers and started doing the same. I would say, this is a fun craft project to do with your kids on a cozy winter day. Younger kids might need some help in getting the yarn tied and trimmed. Rolling the yarn around their fingers several times is something they will enjoy a lot and is a fantastic fine motor activity.

I wanted to make a pom pom which is slightly different from the traditional ones and that is why I decided to experiment with beads towards the end. My daughter helped me pick the color of beads and we loved gluing them one by one on the yarn heart. It just came out so beautiful!


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Supplies you need to make a Pom Pom heart 

1. Yarn

2. Scissors

3. Small beads

4. Glue (We used PVA glue)

5. A pen or pencil (optional)


Steps- How to make a Pom Pom heart with yarn and beads

Making this pom pom heart is very easy. Just watch the video at the top for step by step instructions or follow the written directions below.

Step 1

Wrap the yarn around your three fingers approximately 180 to 220 times. Don’t worry, it won’t take too long. Just count it while doing and I promise, you will be done with this step in under 3 minutes. The more the number of wraps, the fluffier the pom pom will be. Again, small kids may not be able to wrap it so many times on their little hands. 🙂 Just finish it while they have a decent amount of wraps around their fingers. 

Once the wrapping is done, cut the end using scissors. I liked to leave the yarn a little longer to make a hook to hang the pom pom heart. Carefully remove it from your hand without unwrapping.

how to make a pom pom heart with beads-wrap the yarn around your 3 fingers

Step 2

Tie around the middle using another piece of yarn and make sure it is really tight.

how to make a pom pom heart with beads-step2

Step 3

Cut open the loops on both the sides using scissors. Make sure you cut all the loops.

how to make a pom pom heart with beads-trim the yarn

Step 4

Let’s trim it into a heart now. First, cut the bottom part into a V shape. Then, trip the top to finish the heart shape. 

how to make a pom pom heart with beads-trim the yarn into a heart shape

Step 5

This was our most favorite part. Get some small beads and glue them on the pom pom heart. You can use the tip of an old pen or pencil for better precision and to make the gluing easier. Leave it for a few minutes for the glue to get dried. 

(Make sure children are constantly monitored for safety while handling small items like beads).

how to make a pom pom heart with beads -glue the beads on the pom pom heart

Your beautiful pom pom heart with yarn and beads is ready! Doesn’t it look fab?!


how to make a pom pom heart with beads-image for pinterest

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