Rainbow soap foam made in just 5 minutes

Today, I am so excited to share this wonderful rainbow soap foam recipe with you. My preschooler loves sensory play as much as she loved it when she was a toddler. And when it comes to rainbows and bubbles, there is no second thought!

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Okay! So, the recipe I am sharing with you is different from the traditional ones where you have to add all the ingredients in a bowl and use a mixer to make the foam. In fact it is much easier to make this one and saves you so much time! For this one, you don’t need a mixer. You just need a foaming handwash bottle and it will do the work for you.¬†

I made this the first time for my daughter when we were stuck indoors one day due to the bad weather. I made it in her favourite colour ‘pink’ and she had almost an hour of fun with it. For that, I used a baking tray and laid some old clothes underneath to avoid staining the floor. I dispensed the foam for her initially and later she took the foam handwash bottle from me to try it by herself. She had to apply some real good force to press it and make the foam, yet she continued. It was a great exercise for those little hands. ūüėȬ†

rainbow soap foam sensory play

Since then, she had been asking for rainbow soap foam and I was waiting for a sunny day to go outside and make it together with her. And finally, we made it today. Of course, you can play with it in the bath tub too. But our bath tub is too small and I wanted to give her enough space to explore. This is such a perfect summer activity to entertain your kids!

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So, here you go with the recipe.

Things you need to make rainbow soap foam

For this recipe, you don’t really need to follow strict measurements. So there is no problem even if you go a bit less or more than the measurements I have mentioned.¬†

1. An empty foam handsoap dispenser (We used Dettol soft on skin foam handwash bottle). Use separate bottles for each colour to get it done quickly.

2. 1 table-spoon of foam hand soap solution

3. 3/4 teaspoon of Liquid Food colour

4. 150 ml water

5. A large tray

Steps to make rainbow soap foam

First, we got an old empty foam handsoap dispenser (Dettol soft on skin foam handwash). 

Now, we need to pour 1 tbsp foam handsoap solution in it. We were lucky enough to find almost 1 tbsp of soap solution left at the bottom of our old handwash bottle.

(Please note, it may not work with a normal soap solution. You need to purchase the foam hand soap solution separately. Also, try to use the same brand as the bottle for good results.)

rainbow soap foam-step1

Add 150 ml water to it. This was approximately half of our bottle. (Make sure you leave some empty space at the top for the foam to form.)

rainbow soap foam-step2

Add 3/4 teaspoon of liquid food colour in it. (Adjust the amount based on how intense you want the colour to be. If you add too much, it may take some time for the colour to fade off from the hands depending on the type of food colour you use.)

rainbow soap foam-step2

Now, close the lid and shake the bottle vigorously for 10 to 20 seconds. And you are ready to go!

rainbow soap foam-step5

Press the top button and you will see the coloured foam coming out.

rainbow soap foam-step6

Now, let’s make the rainbow soap foam!

Fill all the foam dispensers the same way, but with different colours. We used yellow, green, blue, red and pink.

rainbow soap foam-step8

Shake them and dispense the foams. Mix the colours and see the magic! Can you see rainbow colours?! Yay! (If you don’t have multiple foam soap dispensers, you can reuse the same one every time. In this case, dispense as much foam as you want into a bowl. Then, empty it, wash it thoroughly, dispense some water through the top nozzle and make the next colour foam.)

rainbow soap foam-step9

When you dispense all the form out, give the bottle another good shake and you will get more foam! So easy! Isn’t it?

rainbow soap foam-step10

We gave a good bath to the pom-poms and made some cupcakes too!

rainbow soap foam-step13

rainbow soap foam-step14

Since we played outdoors, we also didn’t forget to add some nature!

rainbow soap foam-step15

It was such a great sensory play experience for my daughter. Sensory play is important in early childhood development. Sensory play stimulates your child‚Äôs senses through touch, smell, taste, movement, balance, sight and hearing. Since this activity involves a foam dispenser, this gives a good exercise to your child’s hand muscles too. Younger children will still need help to dispense the foam from the bottle.

Please note, since we used food colour to make this rainbow soap foam, it took a few washes to completely get rid of the colours from her hands and skin. If your child has a tendency to put things in mouth, it may be better to avoid this activity until they are ready. 

Rainbow soap foam made in just 5 minutes

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