Cute shark craft from egg carton-Recycled summer craft for kids

Recycle those old egg cartons to make some adorable shark crafts this summer. Make a shark family by painting them in different colours and next time, your little ones will be super excited to dance along the nursery rhyme “baby shark do do do” while holding them. This is a great craft idea to teach your kids about the concept of recycling things in a fun way. This shark craft also makes a wonderful craft for earth day!

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egg carton shark-PIN2

Supplies you need to make an egg carton shark craft for kids

1. Cardstock paper (blue)

2. Scissors

3. craft glue, hot glue

4. Paint (blue and white)

5. Paint brush

6. Black paint or black pen

7. Googly eyes

8. Egg carton (Of course! ūüôā )

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How to make an egg carton shark craft for kids

Making this recycled egg carton shark craft is very easy. Watch the below video or follow the simple instructions below that.

Step 1

To make this shark craft, we need the spiky parts inside the egg carton. First, get an egg carton and cut two spikes out of it as shown below. Cut one of them slightly shorter than the other.

egg carton shark-step1

Step 2

Now, we need to stick these parts together. Apply some glue inside the bigger part and stick the smaller part inside it as shown below. Now, paint one side of it blue and the other side white.

egg carton shark-step2-stick the pieces together and paint them

Step 3

Once the paint is dried, stick googly eyes on either side.

egg carton shark-step3- stick googly eyes

Cut fins and tail out of blue carstock and hot glue them(grown ups only, please) on the shark’s body. 

Our super cute shark craft is ready! 

egg carton shark craft-fb

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Cute shark craft from egg carton-Recycled summer craft for kids

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