Snowman fingerprint card-Adorable handmade popup card

Turn your kids’ fingerprints into an adorable snowman fingerprint card. This handmade snowman pop up card is a cute craft idea for Christmas and the winter season. My daughter just loved making these snowmen on different colored papers and giving them funny faces. Let me tell you, even I enjoyed thinking about all the funny gestures and drawing them with her!

This beautiful snowman card is a perfect winter activity to do with toddlers, preschoolers, and kindergarteners. Fingerprint and handprint crafts make cute keepsakes of your little ones. Moreover, they are so easy to make! You may also like this handprint Christmas tree pop-up card with pull-tab which we made last week.

This DIY snowman card also has a small pop up part which is very easy to make. Just learn the basic technique and you can get more creative with it. So, let’s get started!

fingerprint snowman christmas card ideas

Watch the tutorial video to learn how to make a Snowman fingerprint card

Supplies needed to make a snowman fingerprint pop up card

  1. Blue cardstock
  2. White construction paper
  3. Construction papers of different colors to make the fingerprint snowmen
  4. Scissors
  5. Glue
  6. White paint. (We used acrylic paint)
  7. Paper plate, to pour the paint into (optional)
  8. Black, red, green and orange markers

Step-by-step instructions to make a snowman fingerprint Christmas card

Step 1

Get a white construction paper and fold it in half. Make two cuts of the same length, parallel to each other starting from the folded edge. You will get a small flap of paper which will be the pop-up part of the card.

snowman fingerprint card-winter art and craft activities-step1

Step 2

Push that flap inwards carefully without tearing the paper. So you will get a small fold of paper in the middle of our white construction paper which you can see when you open it. Get a blue cardstock which is slightly bigger than this white paper. Apply glue along the 4 edges of the white paper and stick it on this cardstock.

handmade snowman christmas cards-step2

Step 3

Now the fun part begins. Pour some white paint into a paper plate and invite your child to make fingerprints on colorful construction papers. Let the kids dip their fingers in the paint and make the snowmen’s body and head using their fingerprints. We didn’t follow any particular order with the use of fingers. Sometimes we used the thumb to make the body, sometimes we used the pointer finger and so on.

Once the fingerprints dry, the more creative part begins. Draw a carrot nose, eyes, mouth, hands, hat, and also don’t forget to add some funny gestures. Draw a happy snowman, a confused snowman, an excited snowman, a surprised snowman, etc. Such a fun way to teach your kids about different feelings! We also gave a Christmas shawl to some of the snowmen.

Once the snowmen are ready, cut each of them out with scissors.

Step 4

Stick the snowmen randomly on the pop-up card we made in step 2. We also added a snowman behind the pop-up part of the card and drew two little hands at the front. Write your Christmas wishes or greetings and draw some designs such as snowflakes to further decorate the card.

The colorful snowman fingerprint card is ready. Isn’t it a cute winter craft idea for kids?!

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Snowman fingerprint card-Adorable handmade popup card

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