Surprise Wreath Christmas card- Easy craft for kids


Here is a surprise wreath Christmas card for kids to have lot of fun during the festive season. This is a very cute and easy craft idea for kids from preschool through school age. They will be so excited to decorate the wreath card, write their special Christmas message and handover the little surprise to their dear friends and family.

surprise wreath Christmas card-pin


Supplies you need to make a Surprise Wreath Christmas card

1. Green card stock paper

2. Scissors

3. Pencil

4. Drawing compass

5. Glue

6. White paper

7. Red, black and brown colour pens

8. Decorative items-stickers, ribbon,glitter etc.

9. Craft knife

10. Golden string (optional)


surprise wreath christmas card-fb2



Steps- How to make a surprise wreath Christmas card

Watch the video at the top or follow the below steps to make a Surprise wreath Christmas card.

Step 1

Cut the card stock into square shape. If you want a bigger wreath, cut a bigger square out of the card stock. We are going to make several creases on this square piece.

Fold the square diagonally two times as shown below. Then, Unfold it once.

Surprise Wreath Christmas card- fold the paper diagonally-step1

Step 2

Now, lift the right half up and press it down neatly to form a diamond. Then, unfold this diamond shape.

Surprise Wreath Christmas card- fold it in diamond shape-step2

Step 3

Similarly, lift the left half up and press it down neatly to form a diamond. 

surprise wreath Christmas card-press down the left half -step3

Step 4

Unfold it fully. You will see several creases on the card stock now.

surprise wreath christmas card-unfold it fully-step4

Step 5

Fold the card stock along the creases as shown below and you will get a diamond shape.

surprise wreath christmas card-fold the paper along the creases-step5

Step 6

Using compass and pencil, mark a quarter circle. Carefully cut it along this line.

Now, draw a fancy design as you wish and cut it along the design you just drew.

surprise wreath Christmas card-draw a quarter circle


surprise wreath christmas card-mark a quarter circle-step6

Step 7

Unfold it fully and you have got a wreath structure.

surprise wreath Christmas card-step7-unfold it fully

Step 8

Draw a snowman design on a white paper and cut it out.

surprise wreath Christmas card-draw a snowman-step8

Step 9

Stick it on the wreath on the lower left-hand quarter as shown below. Carefully cut around the upper half of the snowman’s body which is above the crease with a craft knife. Elders can help kids with this step.

Now, put your finger on the upper half of the snowman’s body and push it through to the other side while re-folding the wreath at the same time.

surprise wreath christmas card-stick it on the wreath-step9

The card is ready now. Open it again, decorate it with stars, stickers and glitter. You can also stick a ribbon bow on it. (I also used a hole-punch to get the circles which I have glued around the wreath.)

Now, write your Christmas message inside and fold it again along the creases. Tie a golden string around it.

surprise wreath Christmas card

Your surprise wreath Christmas card is ready!

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