Thanksgiving turkey craft with buttons

Here is a beautiful thanksgiving turkey craft with buttons which is a fun craft idea to work on the fine motor skills of toddlers, preschoolers and school aged kids. Sticking the turkey on a canvas makes it a wonderful keepsake and gift idea.


thanksgiving turkey craft with buttons (1)


I heard of the Thanksgiving Day celebrated every year from one of my cousins in the USA and got really interested to hear the traditions followed and how Turkey plays an important role in the Thanksgiving meal. Though I haven’t celebrated it before, I thought of making this turkey craft with my daughter to let her experience it and learn about the different festivals celebrated in different parts of the world.

So, I am going to share a step by step tutorial on making this cute turkey craft!


Supplies you need to make a Thanksgiving turkey craft with buttons 

1. Orange card stock paper (Or any colour of your choice)

2. Light brown card stock paper (Or any colour of your choice)

3. White paper cut in round shape for the eyes.

4. Violet colour paper in triangle shape for the nose. (Or any colour of your choice)

5. Small Red paper for the wattle

6. Buttons of different colours and sizes

7. Canvas (preferably, light weight and with thin edge)

8. Tacky glue or PVA glue

9. Black colour pen

10. Glue stick

11. Pencil

12. Scissors


Steps- How to make a Thanksgiving turkey craft with buttons 

Making this turkey craft is very easy and fun. 

Step 1

First, get the orange card stock paper. Draw an oval shape with a circle shape on top of it. Then cut it out carefully. This will form our turkey’s face and body. For younger kids, grown ups may have to help cutting it out.

step 1 of making a Thanksgiving turkey craft with buttons. Cut the orange card stock to form turkey's body

Step 2

Draw two big dots with black pen inside the round white papers to make the eyes. Now, stick the eyes, nose and wattle on the turkey’s face using glue stick as shown below. 

step 2 of making thanksgiving turkey craft with buttons- stick the eyes, nose and wattle

Step 3

Draw the shape of feather on a light brown card stock paper as shown below. 

Thanksgiving turkey craft with buttons-step 3

Step 4

Now, cut it out carefully using scissors.

Step 4 of Thanksgiving turkey craft with buttons- draw a feather shape on card stock paper

Step 5

Apply PVA glue or tacky glue on the feather and stick the turkey’s body in the middle. Now start sticking the buttons around it. Kids will have so much fun especially at this part. 

(We preferred not to stick the turkey’s head and stick buttons under it.)

step 6 of Thanksgiving turkey craft with buttons- stick the buttons and turkey's body on the feather

After sticking all the buttons, leave it for few hours for the glue to dry well. Once it is dried, apply glue at the back of the feather and stick it on a canvas. Now, hang it on a wall or give it as a gift. You can also write your kid’s name and year over the canvas which makes it a wonderful keepsake.


thanksgiving turkey craft with buttons-pin1


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Thanksgiving turkey craft with buttons

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