Toilet Roll Santa Christmas ornament for kids


Making Toilet roll crafts is my recent passion and I had been collecting so many toilet paper rolls to craft for this Christmas. This toilet roll Santa is my latest creation which makes a cute Christmas ornament craft idea for kids. Kids will love this Santa craft so much that they will want to make so many of them to hang on their Christmas trees.


Supplies you need to make a Toilet Roll Santa 

1. Toilet roll

2. White and red felt paper

3. Pencil

4. Scissors

5. Glue

6. Black and red colour pens

7. A small piece of light yellow paper in square shape (for Santa’s face)

Steps- How to make a Toilet roll Santa Christmas ornament

Watch the video at the top or follow the below steps to make a toilet roll Santa craft for kids. This is such a fantastic recycled craft idea for Christmas.

Step 1

Get a clean toilet roll without any tissue paper left on it. Apply glue all over. You can use PVA glue or any craft glue. 

Now, cover it fully with a red felt paper. Cut off any extra felt paper on the top and bottom of the roll and make it neat. Press one end of the paper roll flat as shown below.

Step 1 to make a toilet roll Santa-Roll the toilet roll on a felt paper with glue

Step 2

Cut a white felt paper to make the Santa’s beard as shown below. Now stick a small piece of light yellow paper in square shape over it. Turn it over and draw the Santa’s eyes and nose with black colour pen. Draw the lips with red colour pen. Also stick two small pieces of white felt above and below the lips to make the Santa’s moustache.

Step 2 of making toilet roll santa- cut a white felt to make the santa's beard

Step 3

Stick the Santa’s face on the toilet roll. Now, apply some glue on the top of Santa’s face as shown below. Stick a small strip of white felt there to complete the Santa’s face.

Step 4 to make toilet roll santa- stick a small white felt on top the head

Step 4

Let’s give the Santa a hat. Cut a red felt in triangle shape and stick it on top of Santa’s head, inside the toilet roll.

Stick a small piece of white felt in circular shape at the top of Santa’s hat.

step 4 of toilet roll santa- make a hat for the santa

Don’t forget to stick a strip of red felt on each side to make a handle. Now, hang it on the Christmas tree!

toilet roll Santa-fb

Tip: You can stick the bottom half of the toilet roll together and fill it with candies!

Did you like this toilet roll Santa Christmas ornament? Isn’t it such a cute and easy Christmas craft for kids?!

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