How to make a

Handprint Dragon Craft

Here is a cute handprint dragon puppet craft you can make for Chinese New Year or St. George’s Day. It comes with a free printable template that you can download and use.

This is perfect to do with toddlers, preschoolers, kindergarteners, and school-age kids.

You can paint inside your kid’s hands and let them place their hands on white cardstock to make the handprints. Or trace your kid’s handprints on colored cardstock and cut them out.

This handprint dragon craft  is super easy to make and is so much fun watching the dragon wiggle and dance. Moving the dragon puppet forward and backwards gives great exercise for those little hands! Such a fun fine motor activity!

Did you know dragons are an impotant part of Chinese New Year celebrations? It is believed that performing dragon dances drive away all evil spirits and bring good luck to the community.

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