Hot Glue Waterfall

Want to make a fake waterfall without water? We have a beautiful DIY glue gun waterfall with step by step tutorial!

Making this craft is so much fun and so easy that it can become your new favorite hobby! This waterfall craft is a perfect boredom buster craft for tweens, teens, and even adults.

This beautiful miniature waterfall can be used as fake water for diorama, miniatures, waterfall model for school projects, fairy garden waterfall, or simply as homemade room decor.

You can use any base such as a wooden board, glass, porcelain plate, etc. to make your waterfall and it just takes less than half an hour to complete this project!

In this waterfall craft project, we have used hot glue to make fake water. We painted the transparent plastic sheets blue and white and applied hot glue over them.

Check out the step by step tutorial on our website to learn how to make a hot glue waterfall!