Craft for kids

This colorful heart Jellyfish craft is a fun Valentine's day craft idea for kids and is also perfect to add to your sea animal lesson plans or summer camp crafts

It comes with a printable heart Jellyfish template that kids can use. They will love to paint colorful paper hearts and stick them on the Jellyfish’s face and tentacles.

This is an easy ocean animal craft activity to get kids busy and make Valentine’s Day full of fun!

Just stick a loop of yarn behind it and make it a hanging decor at schools, libraries, and childcare or home to get the kids in Valentine’s day spirit.

Supplies you need: 1. Heart jellyfish printable 2. Cardstocks  3. Construction papers 4. Paint  5. Scissors 6. Glue 7. Yarn (optional) 8. Tape (optional)

Visit and search 'heart Jellyfish craft' for step by step tutorial and to download a copy of the heart Jellyfish printable template.