for kids

Make a colorful paper weaving heart butterfly craft to spark kids' imaginations. This is a great craft idea for spring, sumer and Valentine's day.

It comes with a printable paper weaving butterfly template that kids can use. They will love to weave the paper hearts with colorful paper strips.

This butterfly craft will teach your kids the basic weaving skills while building up their fine motor skills.

With just a few simple supplies, you can get your children started on this amazing activity and watch them create something truly beautiful!

Supplies you need: 1. Paper weaving heart butterfly template 2. Colored A4 cardstock 3. Construction papers 5. Scissors 6. Glue 7. Craft knife (To be used by grown-ups only) 8. Paper roll

Visit and search 'paper weaving butterfly craft' for step by step tutorial and to download a copy of the heart butterfly printable template.