at home using yarn

Want to learn how to make a teddy bear with wool/yarn? We have an easy step by step tutorial with a video to show you how to make your own cute cuddly teddy bear easily!

Supplies You need: Yarn or knitting wool  (We used 3 colours of  yarn; Red, White  and Black.) Hot Glue Gun Wiggle Eye Stickers Scissors

You need to make several pom poms for this teddy bear and you will learn an easy technique to make pom poms using your hands! This is a fun craft to try with kids and a great family project!

We made two white pom-poms for the teddy bear’s body and head; Six red pom-poms for ears, hands and legs. And lastly, a tiny black pom-pom for the teddy bear’s cute little nose.

This DIY teddy bear makes a cute home-decor and an adorable gift for Mother's day, Valentine's day and Grandparents' day!

Don't forget to swipe up and check out the easy step by step instructions to make this beautiful teddy bear!