Haunted house craft

Looking for an easy Halloween craft for kids? We have a cute spooky popsicle stick haunted house craft which is a great Halloween project you can do with kids!

We also have free Halloween characters printable you can stick to this popsicle stick haunted house. Kids will love decorating their haunted house to make it as spooky as they want!

This simple popsicle house has a door made of felt sheet that you can open and close! Stick a ghost and ‘BOO’ sticker behind the door to make it more fun when you open the door!

Supplies you need : 1. 10 popsicle sticks 2. Paint 3. Felt sheet 4. Scissors 5. PVA Glue  6. Halloween characters printable  7. White Cardstock paper 8. Markers

To make this popsicle stick haunted house craft, visit our blog www.craftsbyria.com for step by step instructions. Also, you can download a free Halloween characters printable sheet!

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