& Moving Bee

Here is a miniature paper plate garden and moving bee which is a fun spring craft for kids!

Spring is our favourite time of year as the nature looks so colourful and stunning with beautiful flowers, green grass, butterflies and bees. What better time than spring to make a miniature paper plate garden with kids!

This beautiful spring craft is an excellent idea to teach your kids about the concept of pollination and how plants rely on bees and other insects to reproduce.

Supplies you need to make this spring craft for kids 1. Popsicle stick/chopstick/straw 2. Paper plate 3. Brown paint 4. Flower printable (which you can get from our blog) 5. Scissors 6. Craft knife 7. glue stick/hot glue 8. Black colour pen 9. yellow cardstock 10. Green paper

The colourful flowers in this paper plate garden is a treat to the eyes and the kids will have so much fun moving the bee from one flower to the next. Such a great way to extend their imaginations and work on the motor skills.

Check out  for step by step instructions along with a video tutorial on making this beautiful spring garden!