Easy popsicle stick crafts for pretend play

I still remember the little things which would make me so happy as a little girl. One such thing was when my mom would give access to her hair and face for me to experiment with. My favorite one was the hair-dresser pretend play. (Though at the end, her hair would be fully tangled.) Now, I feel nostalgic when my 3-year old asks me to sit on the floor for her to comb my hair. How time flies! She loves to play with my hair and is always excited to imitate whatever mommy does in front of the mirror. That is when I thought of making this popsicle stick vanity set for her. These are 4 easy popsicle stick crafts which kids will love to make over and over!

These crafts are fantastic for kids to work on their scissor skills too. Especially, making the popsicle stick comb and the popsicle stick make up brush involves plenty of cutting activities. 

easy popsicle stick crafts for kids


Supplies you need to make these 4 easy popsicle stick crafts

Supplies are just the basic ones.

1. Popsicle sticks

2. Paper

3. Scissors

4. Glue

5. Color pens (optional)

6. Aluminium foil


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How to make easy popsicle stick crafts for pretend play

Making these crafts is very easy and simple.

easy popsicle stick crafts for kids pretend play

For the comb, you can cut a rectangle shaped paper with the same length of the popsicle stick. Cut it all the way till the end as shown below. For this step, I showed my daughter how to cut it and she was so happy to follow the instructions when she heard we were going to make a comb. Her cutting was not perfect, but it definitely helped her work on her scissor skills. 

easy popsicle stick crafts for pretend play

Then, we glued it on the popsicle stick.

easy popsicle stick crafts for kids-making a comb


For the make up brush, we cut another rectangle shaped paper the same way and glued it around the popsicle stick as shown below. My daughter was so happy to put make up on her dolly with her new popsicle stick make up brush. If the kids want to play with it on their own face, it is a good idea to stick some cotton above the bristles to make it softer.

easy popsicle stick crafts for kids



The next one in the list of easy popsicle stick crafts is the moisturizer bottle. For this, we drew a bottle of the same height as the popsicle stick and cut it out. We drew some red designs on it. Then, we glued it above the popsicle stick. 

easy pospicle stick crafts for kids-making a bottle


And the last one in the popsicle stick vanity set is the handheld mirror. Cut a rectangle shaped paper and stick a slightly smaller rectangle shaped aluminum foil over it. Glue it on the popsicle stick. We made a lot of mirrors with different paper shapes. What a fun way to learn shapes!

easy popsicle stick crafts for kids- pretend play


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Easy popsicle stick crafts for pretend play

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